It's a year of new menus at Coupette

Coupette is changing with the seasons, and it's always the season to drink.

Coupette is one helluva bad-ass bar that is always down to moving with the times. They're conducting the metaphorical wardrobe switch-a-roo and overhauling their cocktail menu to suit the seasons for the next year.  It's not just about dressing for the weather. These guys are drinking for the weather. They've already kicked off with their first season, and we went to check it out.

Unlike the British summer we've had this year, the 'Summer' menu was anything but disappointing. It was just as unpredictable, though. But yeh, it still has all the characteristics we'd expect from this crew; Elegant. Polished. Clever. And f*cking gorgeous. These drinks have all the vibes of a mid-summers evening with your squad, chilling around a BBQ as golden hour makes everyone look banging. Shame we can't have it all year round, tbh.

We kicked things off with The Corn Collins. It arrived tall and refreshing, with Woodford Reserve, Smoked Corn Liqueur, Lemon, Grilled Corn & London Essence Soda. It was like a first date. On first impressions, it was light and easy. On second, it was bold and deep. And it got sweeter as we got to know it. Just like us. We made a tasty snack of the charred baby corn garnish resting on the top, with its umami vibes. That's our kinda chaser.

The Rhubarb White Negroni arrived translucent and pink and chic af.  Don't be fooled by it's demure exterior. This mix of Bombay Sapphire, Lillet Rosé, Bitter Genepi and Rhubarb was rich and syrupy in flavour but refined and gentle in texture.  Complex and chic. 

Watermelon Gimlet is the epitome of a surprise scorcher refreshment. For us, it had more of the sweetness of a Cantalope than the freshness of a watermelon... but a melon is a melon is a melon, right? Either way, we were down with this little ghostly coral number which had us wishing we were sipping this one poolside while a washboard abb'd adonis fanned us with an oversized leaf. But Bethnal Green is also nice.

They still have a few of the classics rocking the menu, too. You'd be disappointed if Elton didn't crack out Rocket Man at his gigs, and we'd have been disappointed if they didn't keep a few of the old bangers on the menu, too. We all love a crowd-pleaser, and after winning "Best Cocktail in the UK" at this year's Class Bar Awards, Apples remains a firm fave on the menu.  With its juicy character and West Country apple orchard vibes, it's sorta timeless. And if you like Piña Coladas, baby, sipping on their EXTRA spesh Champagne edition is a smashing way to celebrate any season of the year. It's a perpetual velvety combo of Bacardi Heritage, Agricole, pineapple and coconut sorbet topped with Moet and Chandon for a fizzy finish. It takes the pool-side rum classic to another level. 

Sleight of hand isn't just a mixology skill with the Coupette lads. The chaps here have a magician-like ability to inconspicuously replenish the sweet gratis popcorn before you even realise you've reached the bottom of your fourth cup of the stuff. You know we're gals who love our bar snacks, and bottomless here ain't a superlative.