January's Guide To Healthier Drinking

Detoxing? Of course you are.  It doesn’t have to be all about lemon and hot water though people, BarChick’s on hand to advise you how to drink that bit healthier; so ditch the pints, sack off the sugar and drink to your health.



Hit hard by the January blues?  You need a shot of tequila. It’s the only spirit that’s proven to release happy endorphins (you know, the same as chocolate and sex). Also, being made from agave and all things organic it’s also been linked with dissolving fats and lowering blood pressure. Keep it natural baby and make sure it’s an 100% agave tequila.

If you’re not keen on shooters and don’t fancy sipping it neat, go for a Tommy’s Margarita: tequila, lime juice and agave syrup - it comes from the same plant as tequila and contains only natural sugars which leaves you less dehydrated after drinking. Or if you’re heading out hit up BarChick’s favourite Margarita joints in London.


Kamm & Sons

Kamm & Sons Ginseng Spirit is the hero of the healthy drinking world. This British aperitif contains 4 types of ginseng along with 40 other botanicals including manuka honey and echinacea (see ya later flu). It’s got a lower ABV than most spirits so you won’t get too p*ssed, and ginseng is actually good for metabolizing alcohol; if you’re gonna drink during that detox, this is the way to do it.

Get your health kick with a Sunshine Mary: Kamm & Sons, yellow tomato juice, a squeeze of fresh lemon, 6 dashes of green Tabasco sauce, a pinch of salt, pepper, and celery salt and a touch of horseradish.




No-one likes a calorie obsessor (unless they’re the creator of this site: getdrunknotfat.com). That said it’s a little too easy to sink half your daily allowance in a few cocktails: just because it’s liquid doesn’t mean it don’t count people.

If you can’t fit in your jeans but don’t wanna ditch the booze altogether, here are a few that won’t have you piling on the pounds faster than you can say Piña Colada.

Vodka, soda & fresh lime aka. Skinny B*tch

They don't call this one skinny for nothin’. The queen of low-cal drinking, vodka and soda with a squeeze of fresh lime (step away from the cheap cordial) comes in at less than 90 calories a drink.



At just over 100 calories get straight to the point with a Martini; gin or vodka, vermouth and lemon peel. Add an olive if you’re feeling dirty.



Keep it simple with a G&T and if you’re looking to save 50 calories by switching to slimline, make it a good’n like Fever Tree – after all tonic makes up 70% of your drink, don’t f*ck it up.



Celebrate detoxing in style with a glass of Champagne. It’s not only sexy and small but it has fewer calories than a glass of wine or beer. Need more? Medical research (no, not done by BarChick) has also said that Champagne is linked to lower rates in heart disease.



An obvious point would be to keep it simple. If you can’t stave off the whisky, pour it on the rocks. Need your gin fix? Forget the sours and reach for the tonic.

Boozing or not keep hydrated. Flush out toxins and keep sexy with 2-3 litres of water a day, you know the drill. Matching every drink with a glass of water does the world a favour in the morning, even if it does mean you spend all night queuing for the toilet.