Jim'll Paint It

BarChick has a new found favourite site, not BarChick you cry? No... I know right?!. Think Jim’ll fix it but with more creative and socially acceptable results!

This guy will draw ANYTHING you want, and he will do by using Microsoft Paint, and only Paint… no tablets,  no touch ups.
Yes anything, you can see your wildest dreams come true, whether it’s Brian Blessed riding a Henry Hoover alongside DnB DJ Goldie on a Dyson, a three legged toffee crisp holding a mushroom and half a wasp or even a Tyrannosaurus Rex playing Connect 4 with Heston Blumenthal on a lake of fire whilst a care bear watches them lustfully. You name it he draws it.

Of course he can’t possibly draw them all so make sure y’all get creative!!

Dear Jim,

Please paint me Robocop at the checkout in Tesco, trying to decide if its worth 10p for a bag for life. He has bought a shitload of Soreen so he’s going to need something sturdy.

That would be magic.

Nick Connors (age 36)

Dear Jim,

Please paint me Lloyd Grossman on holiday in a filthy Spanish villa, where he is apoplectic after being served a dinner of tinned ravioli and a flat glass of fizzy pop.


Chris P