Liverpool's Best Bars, By The City's Best Bartender

When you wanna know how to really hit a city, ask it’s best bartenders! Meet Danny Murphy, your new best mate and owner of two of Liverpool’s best bars; Aloha and Berry & Rye. What he can’t tell you about boozing in Liverpool isn’t worth knowing; so buckle up - this is how to do the city that everyone’s talking about.


“If you’re starting early this place is awesome on a sunny day! Kazimier is a little beer garden carved into a cosy strip off Seel Street. It started as a pop up just a few years ago and is already a local institution. Your mates will be impressed. It’s an urban oasis come hipster hideout, you’ll find everything from hippy markets to Dan Croll playing on stage. Chat to Roly across the bar, he’s one of the industry’s most genuinely good guys and a total beer expert.”

Drink: “They do a great cider on tap - get a round in.”

4-5 Wolstenholme Sq, Liverpool, L1 4JJ

kazimier (1)


“Kick off any night in Berry & Rye, bang on 5pm because that’s when they open and it's the best time to get a table before the place gets rammed. They make the best classic cocktails in the city here - yes I’m biased, but try finding a better Julep in Liverpool and tell me I’m wrong! Get the bread and olives for your table. You’re gonna need to line your stomach.”

Drink: “Any of the classics, you can’t wrong wrong. My personal favourites are The Julep, Southern Whiskey Sour and Bloody Mary.”

48 Berry St, Liverpool, L1 4JQ

berry (1)


“If you’re bar-crawling on a Monday (I salute you!) you’ve got to head to this place in the beautiful Georgian quarter. Best described as a 'clutter pub' (an alligator skin and a Penny Farthing are two of the less unusual things that adorn the walls), this one’s alive with character and stories. Every other Monday they have an amazing skiffle band too. A true hidden gem.”

Drink: “Guinness. It would be rude not to.”

6 Egerton St, Liverpool, L8 7LY



“I’ve never not had a warm welcome here, the place is always friendly and buzzing and will put any laggers in the party mood the minute they walk through the door. Plus, Shiny Happy People by REM blasting out at 8pm on a Tuesday isn't unheard of. Hungry? Eat a loaded hot dog (trust me, you’ll only need the one).”

Drink: “A 'Stein' of beer. When in Rome!”

79-83 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4BB

saltslims (1)


“This is the newest addition to Berry Street's growing list of bars and restaurants; a pool hall come sports bar (mainly American, but they don't discriminate!) complete with daily 'food challenges' and one hell of a 60 bottle strong Whiskey collection. Not sure what to order? Find Jim or Ben, they’ll guide you through your options. Go if you fancy a Man v Food style plate of ribs and game of American 8 Ball, washed down with a Hudson Manhattan Rye.”

Drink: “2 fingers of anything, as long as it's whiskey.”

27-35 Berry Street, Liverpool, L1 9DF

rack2 (1)

81 LTD

“This bar’s a speakeasy in the truest sense - you even leave via a different door and need a code to get in - with carefully crafted, boozy cocktails that look and taste awesome. You may even see a famous face or two, so check your outfit before you arrive. Chat to Si Taylor and Jake Murphy behind the bar, those guys are seriously talented.”

Drink: “Leave that decision in the hands of the bartenders. These guys know their stuff.”

79-83 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4BB



“You can’t have a night out in Liverpool without visiting the Green Fairy. This is a great little absinthe place tucked above The Zanzibar Club on Seel Street and they serve it the proper way - not a flaming sugar cube in sight! These guys do a mean sazerac, too. When this place fills up it's my favourite bar in the city; the atmosphere is unbeatable and it’s impossible not to have a good time.”

Drink: “It depends - if you like anis, head straight for the Green Fairy; if not, start with a Frappé or a Sazerac.”

43 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4AZ


“After midnight it’s time to head to Jenny's Bar and dance ‘til you can’t feel your feet. It’s a 'Disco Drinking Den' tucked away in Liverpool's business district. An unapologetic 70’s homage to the decade that taste forgot and the menu’s complete with a Harvey Wallbanger, Whisky Mac and Grasshopper. They even do an awesome prawn cocktail as a snack! Make sure you meet Mike Williams at the bar - he put the menu together and makes the best Bloody Mary in the city. A bold statement, but it’s true.”

Drink: “An Espresso Martini for a pick me up, or a Grasshopper for a put me down!”

The Old Ropery, Fenwick Street, Liverpool, L2 7NT



“I’d be well and truly bed bound by this point, but should you wish to carry on the places I would be waving you off to would be; Aloha, Mojo, El Bandito and Jacaranda.The latter is the ultimate place to end your night. It’s open ’til 6am and the final hour is full of sexy bar industry chicks and dudes eager to spend their tips and squeeze an entire night into 60 minutes, so if you haven’t pulled yet there’s your chance!”

Drink: “Copy the bartender you’re trying to impress - all the drinks here are reasonably priced and well made. Win win.”

21-23 Slater St, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 4BW

the.jacaranda (2)

Hair of the dog...

“Liverpool’s got tonnes of great pubs to hit up after a heavy night, and if you followed this guide you’re gonna need ‘em. Go to The Grapes on Knight Street for great live jazz and The Belvedere on Sugnall Street for G&T’s - it’s owned by the guys who make Liverpool Gin, which is proving very popular (obviously!) and you can’t visit the city without trying some.

Goodness Gracious is cool too, you can find it on the roof of West Africa House on Water Street above Oh Me Oh My. The view’s amazing and you’re so close to the famous Liver Building you can almost feed the birds...but don’t. If it's sunny, ignore all of the above and head to The Botanical Garden on New Bird Street. It’s a an al fresco pop up gin bar and the mix of great drinks and fresh air will sort you out. ”