London Cocktail Week 2020 is ON for October

And it's the biggest one yet!

October without London Cocktail Week is like December without Christmas for BarChick. It's the BEST week of the year. Obviously it was touch a go for a little while (thanks, Covid) but sound the trumpets, cos baby: IT'S ON FOR 2020 thank to the hard work and big hospo love of these two legends. 

Here's five things you need to know about London Cocktail Week 2020. 

1. It's actually gonna be London Cocktail Week MONTH!

That's right. It might have week in the title, but this year the festival is going to be on for the whole of October. Thirty-one blissful days of awesome cocktails that you'll be able to enjoy in bars across the city. Obviously this is great news for drinkers, but even better news for our incredible industry who will be able to get a little extra love after the sh*t show of the last few months.

2. The Cocktail Village is on a break

Yeah, we're bummed about this too, but safety first and social distancing just wouldn't be possible here. BUT this hiatus actually means we'll have more time to enjoy the wicked bars around our amazing city. WIN. Plus you'll still get to check out what the hottest drinks brands of the moment are up to, as they'll be setting up shop in bars around the city to showcase their products. 

3. Introducing £6 Cocktail Tours

Of course, the £6 cocktails are returning (it wouldn't be LCW without 'em) but this time you'll also be able to get yourself onto a neighbourhood cocktail tour (or a bar crawl for the discerning drinker, if you will) which'll take you round the best bars in the area and give you a LCW taste of each. Never had a night out in Peckham before? This is the baptism you need.

4. London Cocktail Week... at home!

We've all got used to a bit of "at home" mixology over the last few months, and this'll be a fun way to put your new-found skills to the test, as they're set to have 30 drinks brands on board for this wicked new twist for the festival. We're expecting cocktail making kits and masterclasses to turn your quiet night in into a Soho-worthy rager. 

5. Tickets are on sale NOW!

So to get the benefit of all these awesome drinks, tours and masterclasses, you gotta have a ticket. Good news is, they're still a bargain at £15 a pop, and they're available to buy RIGHT NOW. Head to their website to get your hands on yours.