London's Best Bars for Beers

Time to go out on the pull

As much as BarChick loves cocktails, sometimes you can’t really beat a good pint or even a yard down the pub. So BarChick’s been hitting the City to find those places that offer that little bit more than your average pub, and with more and more microbreweries popping up that take the quality of their brews very seriously, we were pleasantly surprised. Check ‘em out…



A pub / bottle shop with a very, very well stocked fridge and lounge vibes. Partizan, Sierra Nevada, Flying dog, Mikkeller, Weird Beard and a choice of Lambic Beer or Trappist Beer are all on offer here. Cask and keg are on point too with Burning sky, Lagunitas and Beavertown to name but a few, we suggest you shop here.

382 Essex Road, London, N1 3PF


They might be new on the block but they’re certainly not new to the game. The Duke’s Head has made some seriously knowledgeable beer choices and with Wild Beer Co, Siren, Anarchy and Ilkley on cask and keg, this place is the breath of fresh air the area is in need of. Oh and they’ve even kept Guinness on for the locals, touché.

16 Highgate High Street, London, N6 5JG


The guys here are all about making great beer, and with kit that serious, they are more than able to do it – you can soon see for yourselves when they start their tours of the brewery on Saturdays. Their Hells Lager has already started popping up around town, but the best place to drink it is in the brewery itself and with the Big Apple Hot Dog van in residence, as well as other food stalls that change around, it the perfect place for a session!

55-59 Wilkin Street Mews, London, NW5 3NN


These guys started off in Scotland with the idea of making beer that was different from the commercially produced mainstream beer that you find everywhere… and it caught on. Their first London venue is a wicked little place, with a cash bar downstairs and some serious burgers on the menu. The beers on tap are a bit different, like their Wasabi Stout or the Tokyo Rolling in at 18%… the Scottish don’t p*ss about when it comes to drinking.

113 Bayham Street, Camden Town, London, NW1 0AG


If you wander out of Euston station you’ll come across the two facing stone lodges that are The Euston Tap and The Cider Tap. For a tiny place they’ve crammed in a big selection… just watch the winding staircase if you’re on your tenth pint upstairs. Since they’re not tied to a brewery, these guys can choose what they want to have on tap and they’re all about bringing in the best craft beers, with their selection changing regularly, so man up and try something new. N.B. If you’re planning an after party, get takeaway bottles at the end.

190 Euston Road, London, NW1 2EF


These BBQing boys have taken things into their own hands and installed a home-smoker and their own microbrewery. They’ve been experimenting with all kinds of different wood chips and smoking methods and they serve up their delicious, slow cooked pork or beef with homemade pickles and slaw. They have a dozen beer taps and a healthy selection of bottles… plus at weekends they do a US-style brunch with buttermilk blueberry pancakes and omelettes stuffed with smoked pork belly – our kinda place!

33 Downham Road, De Beauvoir Town, Hackney, London, N1 5AA



This pub in East London has a wicked selection of ales on tap – they’re supporting a lot of the London microbreweries like Brodies, Sambrooks, Redemption, London Fields and Meantime, so you can get the best of the local brews. It doesn’t stop at the drinks though… they’ve managed to get the Lucky Chip guys in residence in their kitchen and if you haven’t tried one of their burgers yet, you’re missing out on one of the best in London. Full marks all round.

31-35 Coate Street, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9AG


If you’re really after something different (or you just love beer that much), this is the place to go. They have one of the best selections of beer that you’ll find anywhere in the country. They have 16 cask ales on tap at all times from the best British microbreweries and the largest selection of craft keg beer available in the UK… but in case you really are that picky, they also have over 300 bottles. See it how you want: either there’s loads to choose from or you’ve just been challenged!

82 Leather Lane, Clerkenwell, London, EC1N 7TR



Located canal side in west London, we’ve not seen a Fuller’s pub quite like it, they’ve clearly pulled out the stops with this one. With great British beers by the bucket load, expect names such as Beavertown, By The Horns and Clarence and Fredericks, as well of a fridge full of Rocky Head, Partizan, Beer Republic and many, many more. Nice job guys.

45 Woodfield Rd, London, W9 2BA



This pub does amazing things; they’ve got a limited number of pumps so selectivity is key. On cask they have the usual suspects; Kernel, Dark Star, Signature Brew, but it’s the bottled beer selection that’ll win you over. On point and thrifty featuring Thornbridge and Rouge to name a few, The Old Red Lion will not disappoint.

42 Kennington Park Road, London, SE11 4RS


This place is small in size and big on beer – in fact, it’s the smallest pub in London, so leave your fat mates at home. They’ve got 5 taps that they change regularly and their policy is “no crap on tap”, so you’re in good hands. As if it wasn’t good enough, if you’re not happy with what they’ve got on tap, they also have over 200 bottles of beer and cider. Nuff said.

14A Winchester Walk, London, SE1 9AG


This wicked, Colonial Britain inspired bar is all about the best of British and that includes their beer list, which is built around a celebration of traditional British brewing. That means there’s nothing too ordinary about the list, which BarChick loves! They have an interesting selection of draft beers and they rotate their cask ales seasonally. But their bottled beers are really where it’s at, with some really unusual options like the Grozet Gooseberry ale, which goes through a second fermentation with ripe Scottish gooseberries. Enjoy.

147 St Johns Hill, London, SW11 1TQ


Just past Camberwell Green on a corner you could quite easily miss, you’ll find The Stormbird and its beautiful array of choice. Boasting 24 constantly changing pumps and a massive bottled beer selection, it’s clear that the brains behind the bar care about bringing good beer to the area. Feast you taste buds on Rogues, Magic Rock and Broodies. Welcome to the cream of the hops in south London.

25 Camberwell Church Street, London, SE5 8TR



This tiny place has been around for decades (it’s possibly an ex brothel) and you can see why its lasted – they have an original 1972 jukebox on the side with a wicked selection of rock/blues 7s and all kinds of stuff up on the walls… plus the little bar downstairs that opens after 5pm is even better! It’s small and cosy and they have a great beer selection – it’s one of the only places in London where you can get the Spanish brew Mahou on tap. Try one of their Tequila Sangritas as well – it’s a shot of tequila followed by a shot of spicy tomato juice… BarChick’s favourite!

42 Hanway Street, London, W1T 1UT


Hidden in the heart of central London this is one of the few Soho pubs shouting about their beer selection. With 18 pumps you are spoilt for choice with the likes of Thornbridge, Magic Rock and Kernel to name but a few. If you’re in the area or even if you’re not, this place is definitely worth a visit. The food’s pretty damn good too.

37 Great Windmill Street, London, W1D 7LU