Marathon Jam Session - The Blues Kitchen

From Sunday until Tuesday afternoon these guys will be rocking for 50 hours straight, damn straight. Staying open 24 hours / day to celebrate their five year anniversary – they will be jamming their way into rock history. There’ll be over 100 performers hitting the stage from pros flown in from abroad to regular locals, and for every player The Blues Kitchen will donate £10 to The Kids Company charity (you do the maths). We say dust off your harmonica and get involved.

For everyone brave enough to take the stage you’ll be rewarded with their mega Southern style food and drink, and if you need a quick kip then stick in a pair of earplugs and hop in a hammock. In the small hours spectators will be offered their delicious lip-smacking ribs for only £5 and free Buffalo chicken wings. You might not see BarChick on stage but you will find her hanging out, bourbon in hand.

So if you’re looking for somewhere to keep the party going on Sunday night then this is the place, hell you won’t even have to leave until Tuesday. Oh and this event is set to be so mega it is going to be streamed live. Just sayin’.

111-113 Camden High Street, London, NW1 7JN