Meat Cocktails

There seems to be a new craze happening in London, BarChick witnessed it in Copenhagen but didn’t quite believe it would take off, but for once she’s been proved wrong. Meat cocktails seem to cropping up all over the place, and although the sound of them seems just plain wrong, sometimes they actually work kinda well. We’ll let you decide…

The Meat Bar in Shaka Zulu

Yes, you read that right, Shaka Zulu has a whole bar dedicated to meat cocktails. These guys have infused all sorts of spirits with an impressive range of meats. Try the cleverly named chorizo-infused tequila drink called the Meatequita, or really push the boat out and go for a fish themed cocktail (excuse the pun) and get sipping the Salm’n Martini, a smoked salmon infused vodka stirred with ice and lemon pepper served on a rustic board with olives, stuffed peppers and smoked salmon... YES.


Purl love to experiment and throw some drama into their drinks whether its smoke, fog or flames, so needless to say they jumped on this trend guns blazing. If you’re into your Manhattans then you should definitely check out the Vieux Carre. This drink is made with Jack Daniel’s, cognac, Benedictine, Cocchi di Torino, peychaud, and topped off with salmon Jerky and absinthe snow.


Always experimenting with different flavours, it was only matter of time before some meat moseyed its way into the cocktails at P.K.D. Luckily they’re getting involved in the Bloody Marys rather than some sort of beef cosmopolitan. Soon to launch a Bloody Mary cocktail list you can expect The Meaty Mary, Bloody Caesar, Bloody Marley and the Bloody Maria! We loved the Bloody Caesar made with House Cured Maple Bacon infused Vodka, 'Classic Spice Mix', lemon and 'Clamato' juice, tomato juice and clam broth, garnished with a strip of crispy maple cured bacon. If you want to beef things up some more then check out the Meaty Mary which uses Vodka infused with Sunday's Topside of Beef plus a splash of the Sunday Roast Gravy – mmm. A meal in itself.

London Cocktail Club, Goodge Street

London Cocktail Club’s drink list never disappoints so we’re not surprised that their meat cocktails work. We love the “Bacon & Egg, Fries”, at the Goodge Street bar. It’s their whisky sour variation, with Jack Daniel's infused with smoked bacon, egg white, maple syrup, lemon and Bitters garnished with some crispy pancetta or a bacon and egg sarnie if you’re lucky!

Ben’s Canteen

Ben’s Canteen held a Road Trip Dinner which dabbled in some meat cocktails that don’t sound too terrifying. You can choose from a Bacon Old Fashioned, a Breakfast Sour (a whisky sour with bacon bourbon and maple syrup), or a round of 'piggleback' shots (bacon infused bourbon followed by a shot of spiced cider vinegar)…obviously. Depending on how well it went these could become a permanent option on the cocktail list… fingers crossed!

Copa de Cava 

Cava and chorizo – you might not think it but it’s a match made in heaven, and they’re both Spanish so they both speak the same language, right? Well now thanks to Copa de Cava you can enjoy them at the same time. These guys have created the Cavaizo Cocktail; mixed chorizo infused al vino caviar, chorizo-infused gin and topped with Anna de Codorniu Brut Cava and served with a rosemary garnish and a chorizo crisp. Barcelona in a glass, nice. (£10).