Meet BarChick International: Haley Forest


Haley Forest

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Where are you from & where are you based?

I grew up in foggy San Francisco, but came to London after Uni for “just one year” while I was working as a chef. Fast forward nearly 7 years later and I’m still here.

Why are you a BarChick?

I like to know everything when I’m passionate about a subject. Thus, getting my geek on about booze, particularly on an international front, is the best job ever. Being part of a movement towards greater drink education (and fun times!), working with a team of kick ass ladies, it’s a tough life… but someone has to do it!

When you’re not BarChicking how do you spend your time?

I’m a full time food, drinks and lifestyle writer and connector of dots. In short: I travel the world, party with chefs and bartenders, chronicle their (mis)adventures and talents, and make sure the correct people are talking to each other.


What's your favourite neighbourhood in your city?

When I’m in London, it’s hard to choose between Soho and Shoreditch. Soho feels old world and alive, filled with places like The Blind Pig (I’m there often enough to call it my “Soho Office”), Spuntino (it’s all about the Truffle Egg Toast!), and Bone Daddies (Foodgasmic ramen). Shoreditch is all about the nightlife and weekends; loaded with bars like Callooh Calley, Happiness Forgets, NOLA, Satans Whiskers and Portside Parlour, plus epic restaurants like The Clove Club, MEATmission, and Viet Grill.

Favourite International Bars?

Attaboy(NY), Pouring Ribbons (NY), Corner Club (Stockholm), Sherry Butt (Paris), Little Red Door (Paris), Trick Dog (SF), Melrose Umbrella Co (LA), Satans Whiskers (LDN), Happiness Forgets (LDN), The Blind Pig (LDN).

What's your go-to drink?

Depends on my mood. I gravitate towards a Negroni (you’d think a Bartender can't f*ck that one up, but believe me, they can). I also love a Clover Club; it’s a great classic, but one I’ve seen done in terrible ways.


Guilty pleasure drink?

Pina Colada.

Favourite city for a boozy break?

Between Copenhagen or Edinburgh. Both cities are quite small with great bars you can literally walk between. Paris - a bit bigger - is also great for that with clusters and neighbourhoods you can focus on.

Most epic BarChick adventure or most badass BarChick moment?

Walking into Tales & Spirits in Amsterdam, with my mother no less, and being greeted by the bartender (Danil Nevsky) by name. My mother says to me “I thought you didn’t know anyone here?” I didn’t, but the power of the internet had worked it’s magic for me. The next night, I worked some family connections and got Dan and I into The Butcher, where I promptly ran into other bar friends from London and Moscow. Oh international bar life.

What do you drink at home?

A Negroni or just a basic G&T. I have nearly 50 kinds of gin at home, so that's kinda my jam.

Where do you hit for a late night party in London?

NOLA (LDN), Glass (Paris), Employees Only (NYC)

Midnight Snack?

Still out and partying? Head to Employees Only in New York; their kitchen is open till 3am. In San Francisco - there’s a crepe stall (Crepes A GoGo) on 11th opposite Bar Agricole that’s legendary. In London, it’s all about Duck & Waffle; they’ve got a 24 hour license, banging food and a ridiculously epic view.

Hangover cure?

Lots of water. Many Bloody Marys. Solid breakfast with toast, bacon, eggs, fruit. And (even though the thought of facing the world sucks) going for a walk for fresh air helps loads.

Hottest bartender you’ve ever seen?

It was a dark winter night in New York. I was in a bar I hadn’t even meant to go to, but took the wrong train and ended up there. Walking in, I passed someone and half turned, his smell causing me to stop in my tracks - he just smelled right on some crazy pheromonal level. I blinked and continued walking. Later, trading banter with one of the other guys, he popped behind the bar and we both just stared. Tall, thin, blue eyes, a boyish grin. Not my type, but man… he just felt right…. Sigh...

Planning a hot date, what's the agenda?

I like classic dates where you actually do something. So in London, take me to All Star Lanes for round of bowling (I may or may not kick your ass), followed by dinner at Lyles or On The Bab, and then drinks at Satans Whiskers. Some kind of experiential theatre thing like Secret Cinema or Alice Underground are also great ideas.

What's one thing you can’t live without?

Red lipstick, black eyeliner, a plane ticket and a map of great bars.

Who is your wingman?

I tend to fly solo, relying on the kindness of strangers to help a girl out. The Bartender can be your best friend.