Meet Singapore BarChick - Hannah Waters

Name: Hannah Waters

Social Media Handle: @hannahewaters

Where are you from & Where are you based:

Born in the UK, raised in New Zealand, I’ve done a stint in Australia and will have lived in Singapore coming up 3 years this June.

Why are you a BarChick:

What’s not to love, I get to work with badass BarChicks, writing about Singapore and its super exciting beverage scene. Which, in doing so, gives me a platform upon which to support and promote the local bar community, to an international audience.

When you’re not BarChicking, how do you spend your time:

Full time I work within Proof and Company, training, consulting, bartending, having far too much fun for someone who works long hours. It’s can get a little crazy so outside of this I love to walk, practice yoga, read and surf. Balance is so important, and it’s something I’m working hard at to achieve, my rubber arm is the worst.


What's your favourite neighbourhood in your city:

Tanjong Pagar and Chinatown, it encompasses all my favourite bars, restaurants, cafes, hawker centres, and Chinatown markets. It’s so convenient for my first 6 months of living in Singapore; I rarely saw any neighbourhood outside of this.

Favourite International Bars:

Singapore: 28HKS and Jigger and Pony, New Zealand: Hawthorn Lounge and Mea Culpa, Australia: Black Pearl, Bulletin Place and This Must Be The Place, South East Asia: Blind Pig, Curator and Omakase and Appreciate, Hong Kong: Feather Boa, Denmark: Ruby, England: Happiness Forgets and Pink Chihuahua, America: NoMad, EO and Sweetwater Social.. This list is dynamic though, it’s forever changing as I discover new places.

What's your go to drink:

Shit. I’ll take anything and enjoy it, provided it’s rich in flavor, alcohol and love.. Hold the rohypnol.

Guilty pleasure drink:

Pina Colada.


Favourite city for a boozy break:

Hong Kong, it’s the Yang to Singapore's Yin, the bars are excellent, within walking distance of each other and crazy fun. I adore it, all it’s chaos and diversity.

Most epic BarChick adventure / most badass BarChick moment:

Making drinks in a church, or travelling with a group of legends to Kentucky last year for Camp Runamok.. That was epic, so epic I encourage everyone to apply. It’s UNREAL!

What do you drink at home:

Wine or whiskey.

Late night party bar:

Employees Only.


Midnight Snack:

If I’m out, shit. Any bar serving food past midnight is my friend. If I can fathom my own cheese toastie, that’s a win.

Hangover cure:

Berocca before bed and the Peanut butter smoothie at the local upon rising.

Hottest bartender you’ve ever seen:

Dark eyes, dark hair, cute smile, great chat.. And I’m sold.

Planning a hot date, what’s the agenda:

I love live music, punk, alternative, rock, jazz, blues, folk, hip hop, I’m up for anything, add a few beers and burrito/kebab/burger/pizza/hotdog etc. after and I’m all yours.

What's one thing you can’t live without:

Concealer, hit me up If you have an amazing eye cream, until then that light coloured cream is my only weapon against panda eyes.

Who is your wingman:

Alcohol? Can’t forget life’s social lubricant.