New York Fashion Week: BarChick’s Survival Guide

New York Fashion Week, an annual parade of passive aggressive dressing, party-crashing and big time blagging. Floods of photographers and many, many… many bloggers descend on the Lincoln Centre in the hope that their ensemble will make it into the pages of… well, anywhere really.

Whether you want to join the parade, party at the usual suspects (Milk Studios, Up and Down, Electric, Kenmare, Gilded Lily, The Standard), down cocktails at the bar or ride solo and sulk in your trusty old trackys, we’ve got you covered.


All over the city numerous pop-up parties celebrate designers’ hard work. Anything worth rocking up to will definitely be guest-listed complete with a door girl dressed-up up in real fur and a faux smile.

• New York Mag has the list of some of the parties happening, but doesn't have your golden ticket. Advice? Dress up to the nines but don't forget to keep an air of Brooklyn about you, no Herve Ledger dresses please ladies… soz Lindsay.


• Confidence is key so walk up to the door like you own the place. Last resort, tell them your dad actually does own the place (this move has seen us side of stage at Coachella in the past).

• When it comes to giving your name do so assertively and with authority. Quite obviously you won’t be on there so maybe name drop a big company, say you’re working for them and that they must have just missed your name… ooops, silly them!


Smile engagingly at the door girl with full eye contact, do not let her see your inner panic.


Make friends with others in the line they may just have a spare pass.

Take a female partner in crime (sorry boys, it’s a lot harder for you).

Do not attempt with a big crew.

Stick around after the show to overhear where some of the secret parties are at, chances are these Fashion Week goers have nothing to chat about apart from Fashion Week, the next show and where the party is at.


Don’t stay long at the party, these are smash and grab events, get your free booze and get out of there.


For continence

The Smith

Whether you're killing time between shows or just want to grab a drink near the action, The Smith is your man. Over the road from the Lincoln Centre grab a cocktail any time of day, it may be in a tourist area but the food and booze really is bloody decent.


For glamour

Gramercy Park Hotel

Whether it's breakfast or an after-party you're looking for, The Gramercy will deliver. Hotel bars the Jade and Rose are popular on the after-party circuit, but notoriously difficult to get into. Stake out during the day and get to know the staff, they may just help sneak you in later.


For a speedy exit

Welcome to the Johnson's

If you can handle the circus no more then get yourself to the Lower East Side, immediately. The 70s awaits you at Welcome To The Johnson's pool table, jukebox and dirt cheap drinks.... See? You're happier already.



Words by: Sophie Sumner, BarChick's New York party animal