olive's boozy lunch of the week: Gilgamesh

We have joined forces with the lovely people at olive Magazine to bring you a spankin’ new series about the best places to enjoy a boozy lunch in the capital. The ultimate food porn. olive is to food what BarChick is to booze so if you’re as in to your sushi as you are your Sweet Manhattans you should probably check out their Facebook page.


There are few restaurants quite as visually impressive as Gilgamesh. In the heart of Camden stables market, a mere escalator ride away from the hustle and bustle of the street lies what appears to be an entire Babylonian empire (although markedly more sophisticated). Gilgamesh is capacious to say the least, carved wood sprawls in every direction, palm trees stretch skyward and shades of red and gold ensure that the entire space oozes opulence.

But don’t for a minute think that this decadent space is going to be gimmicky. No, for this boozy lunch, we’re feasting on some seriously fine pan-Asian cuisine and boozing on a few magnificent cocktails. Start with the Ancient Kiwi, £10.50, a refreshing blend of tequila, kiwi, Midori, cucumber, lime, passion fruit and elderflower. If you like your cocktails a bit radioactive, the Kish, £10.50, is as bright blue as they come, and is a delicious combination of gin, grenadine, Blue Curacao (naturally), elderflower cordial and pineapple juice.
Chef Ian Pengelly has made some brilliant new additions to the menu, including what has been dubbed ‘the sashimi pizza’, £12, – a deliciously thin pizza style flatbread, topped with slivers of seared tuna, white truffle and shiso cress.

However, if you want to stick with the dramatic theme, the tuna and salmon tartare, £16, arrives on an enormous bowl of ice with tall, light as air rice crackers as an accompaniment. There’s also a fantastic sushi menu, the top choice of which is Mr Chang’s sushi roll, £14. Mr Chang wasn’t present on our visit, but this spicy take on a dragon roll, is one of the best dishes on the menu. If you’re up for something heartier, try the Beef Bulgogi, £22.50, a melt-in-the-mouth fillet of beef that comes with Japanese chive mash and tangy bulgogi sauce. Round it all off with a tremendous banana and toffee crumble, served with cinnamon ice cream, £8, and then it’s back to work.