Party Like an American in London

Americans don't hold back in life - they do it all bigger and often better. BarChick loves a free refill, extra cheese, double shots and super sizing it, so we checked out where you can get a little piece of America in London town… have a nice day!


Head to the deep south for that southern hospitality that really can't be beat. Cigars, Hurricane cocktails, a hidden terrace and a tendency towards late night debauchery - this is where where the drinks industry likes to hang, so brace yourself for a solid session. With live music on Thursdays, they've fully embraced the New Orleans vibe, so grab a seat and let it wash over you like a warm summer breeze.

66-68 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3AY


When NYC's baddest bartender sacked off Prohibition and ran away to London we got lucky, because Harry Craddock brought a whole lot of American booze and cocktail making style with him. The America Bar is where London's cocktail scene kicked off; The bartenders over the years have become as famous as the constant stream of celebrity guests who frequent the place - Frank Sinatra used to sneak in after hours to play the piano. You get it, this place is legendary.

The Savoy, Strand, London WC2R 0EU

BIG EASY (Chelsea & Covent Garden)

Big Easy…the ultimate feast. With two locations it's easy to go big no matter where you are. The original one in Chelsea has been rocking it out for 20 years while the younger sibling in Covent Garden has been keeping us fat and happy since last year.  Not only is the food menu huge, this place actually specialises in all you can eat sessions. Whether it's BBQ ribs, fresh lobsters, loaded fajitas or chicken wings. Do a Joey Tribbiani, grab some maternity pants (and a crab bib!) and prepare for some very intense meat sweats. Wash all this down with one of their many flavoured frozen Margaritas.

332-334 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5UR  // 12 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 7NA ‎


Once the Hard Rock cafe's souvenir shop this is the badass-behind (location wise) of the Hard Rock experience. Serving up American style pizzas and rum heavy cocktails, all with a side of rock 'n roll memorabilia! You also don't get this kind of cheapness in Mayfair too often and definitely not with this much character...

148 Old Park Lane, London W1K 1QY


OK so not technically American but if the US taught us one thing, it's how to do brunch - and for that we'll be forever thankful. They also brought us Balthazar, NYC's most legendary American meets French brasserie and the place to get you Bloody Mary and breakfast freak on in central.  All the faves from the New York classic are there and are executed to perfection - eggs, steak tartare, classic cocktails; stay all day.

4-6 Russell St, WC2E 7BN


Anyone who has taken then A train in New York towards JFK will recognise the namesake of this beast of a restaurant/bar/playspace. Taking the american motto of bigger is better to heart, this place is massive with food and booze ready to rock & roll you into an epic night. Get involved in their 18 inch pies and wash it down with cocktails on tap - too easy.

97-113 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3BS

BLUES KITCHEN (Camden & Shoreditch)

There’s nothing more American than drinking straight Bourbon on the rocks and listening to some old school blues. These boys have a load of cocktails, a mega food menu, and a pretty impressive selection of American whiskeys. Boom. Even if it isn't your usual vibe, get in the spirit and get involved. In true American style they even have a good selection of boozy shakes – watch and learn McDonalds. With live music every night you’ll feel like you’re down South in the 20’s, and there’s something for everyone from soul to Motown.

111-113 Camden High Street, London, NW1 7JN // 143 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3AR


Is your all-embracing American sesh missing something? Fancy teaming a New York Diner with bowling? All Star Lanes are one step ahead. The cocktail list is lengthy and they throw in some sharing cocktails for good measure (one serves 8-10 people so you can have one of 4 for each team). Get stuck in and hit the killer Bourbon list, take it as fact that your aim will improve the more you down, just don’t slip on the lanes!

Locations in Holborn, Bayswater, Brick Lane and Stratford.


It feels as though you’re in an LA juke joint at Slim Jim’s - it’s dark ‘n dirty and it rocks! This dive bar has neon lighting, bare brick walls and intimate booths, meaning you can have a cosy few drinks with your mates, or you can pull up a stool at the SALOON bar and really get stuck in. They state that it’s probably the first in London, and definitely the best. Good to know!

It feels like you’ve walked into the bar on Coyote Ugly, but try to resist dancing on the bar unless you are hanging ladies underwear from the ceiling – chicks get free drinks if they hand over their undies, boys you'll love it.

112 Upper St, London, N1 1NQ


If a bunch of nowadays shoreditch kids got time machined back into the 1950's this would be their hang out. Great tunes, massive meals, boozy milkshakes, and enough drinks to make you start want to start dancing in the isles.

Locations in Dalston, Camden, Shoreditch, Islington, Covent Garden, Spitalfields, Gloucester Road


The '90s are calling and it's time for a visit. This subterranean bar and pizzeria is covered in signs and lights from an East Coast amusement park plus theres an old school petrol pump that's found a far better use as a beer pump. With a kick ass juke box stacked with guilty pleasure classics (that you can slyly control from an app on your phone) and a drinks menu filled with '90s references - Ace Ventura or The Beach, anyone? - this is the place to indulge on all the best things from the not so distant yesteryear.

35 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9LD


The staff look like they should be on roller skates, they have juke boxes on every table and they serve awesome burgers; that’s America to a T. Get the cherry coke and vanilla float, tap your foot to the 50s music and throw your diet head-first out of the window, in fact leave it at home.

12 Moor Street, Old Compton Street, Soho, London, W1D 5NG