5 Ways To Take Your G&T To The Next Level

Your gin and tonic just got sexier

The beloved G&T is one of the easiest drinks to put together - but sloshing some gin, ice and any old tonic in a glass does not a good gin and tonic make. Luckily, we're giving you the rundown on how to craft the juniper-laced serve of your dreams. 

1. Be Choosy With Your Gin

Did someone say revival? Oh yeah, we did. Yeeaaaaars ago. Yes, gin is IN, and it has been for a while. England's beloved spirit had slumbered in the doldrums for little under a century, but in the last decade or so has seen a major craft boom. Pick your gin to your tastes - there's something out there for everyone. Try new things, from international bottlings to versions with far-flung botanicals. Explore, go crazy, get adventurous. These are the 20 bottles we suggest you start with...

2. Get Good Glassware

Don't just use your standard highball glass from the cupboard. You've got some beautiful wine glasses knocking about, right? Get those out and do it Español style, baby! Hold it by the stem and your G&T stays colder for longer. Plus, the large diameter around the rim of the glass means more space for all those gorgeous aromas to hang around in. Looking for some glass shopping inspo? We've popped our faves in here...

3. Ice Is Key

A bag of party ice? Forget it. That rubbish little ice tray that makes enough for half a G&T, chuck it out. Get yourself an ice cream tub and fill it with boiling water (be careful). Freeze it, and then when it's done, crack that baby with an ice pick (OK, we know not everyone has got one, but be creative. And careful). You can even flavour the ice with lovely things like tea or lavender or put pretty flowers in to make everyone think you're a bartending genius. Or go wild and order some silicone moulds and make shapes. Show us someone that isn't impressed by a spherical ball of ice, and we'll show you a liar.

4. Garnish That Bad Boy

The days of squeezing four limes in your G&T are over. These days, gin tastes good and so does tonic so you don't need to alter the flavour with all that citrus. Simply get something that smells nice and will enhance the pleasure factor of the drink. A sprig of rosemary is a winner with sloe gin, a zest of orange or lemon works amazingly with a fresh summery gin, slap that mint for a herbaceous gin, and cucumber... well, you all know about cucumber.

5. Take Your Tonic Seriously

With the almighty gin revival has come one helluva tonic revival, too. Versions with natural sweeteners and impeccable balance have arrived. There are brands like 1724 that get their quinine from the cinchona trees in Peru, where quinine's curative properties were said to be originally discovered. Flavoured tonics have hit the market too, from the likes of Peter Spanton with a cardamom-infused number and another enhanced with a touch of lemongrass (salivating yet?). Fever-Tree is leading the way with a lovely classic tonic and loads of fun flavours great packaging, while the epic variations coming from the Double Dutch gals are next-level delicious. Tonic is cool and tasty again. F*ck yeah.