Ping Pong Cocktail Competition

Ever had yourself some dim sum at Ping Pong? Well BarChick headed down for their in-house cocktail comp and boy can these guys make some damn fine drinks too.

Here are 5 reasons why you should all go and drink at Ping Pong:

1) The Wembley location is their best and biggest bar yet. Hit it before the stadium for the ultimate warm up.

2) They’ve got 8 locations around London, so wherever you are you can always get your fix.

3) Their Martini contains yuzu (the latest super food). Get your nutrient hit whilst boozing.

4) Off the booze? They’ve got one of the best selections of Chinese tea in town.

5) They’ve got three BarChick approved cocktails on the menu from April  (see below).

Here are the winning cocktails:


Name of Group: Drinks on the Road

Cocktail Name: Dragonfly Dream

Restaurant: Eastcastle Street



Name of Group: Chairman Wow

Cocktail Name: Tears of Hibiscus

Restaurant: Wembley



Name of Group: Wing of Horse

Cocktail Name: Yin Yang

Restaurant: Southbank