Recreating the Brazilian vibe in LDN

Grab some Limited Edition Golden Buds
As the official Beer for the FIFA World Cup 2014, this is the only drink you should be drinking, ideally in those awesome golden bottles, now we just need the gold trophy to match.

Learn how to samba
Originating in Bahia, Brazil, the Samba is Brazil’s official dance and has become an icon of Brazilian identity and its carnival vibe.

Make Caipirinhas at home
Want to drink like a Brazilian? Mix up Brazil’s national cocktail the Caipirinha made with Cachaca, sugar and lime over ice. First created in Sao Paulo the Brazilians have been sipping these in the sunshine for over 100 years. Don’t use soda, it’s just not how they do it over there.


Drink long neck beers in small cups
Because you’ll look like a Brazilian local.

Wear Havaianas
Everyone in Brazil wears Havaianas since the shoe was created here in 1962 and is sold for a ridiculously cheap price. Get a pair on your feet to channel the Brazilian vibe.

Fire up the BBQ
When the sun is out, and let’s face it it’s out a lot in Brazil, the only way to get cooking is on the BBQ or churrasco as the Brazilians call it. They love all things meaty in Brazil so grab some buds and get sizzling sausages and hunks of meat on that ‘churrasqueira’.

Eat Feijoada
Eat Feijoada, a typical Portuguese dish considered to be the national dish of Brazil. Made with black beans, pork trimmings, bacon, pork ribs, beef jerky and at least two types of sausage, it’s as much of a mouthful to say as it is to eat. On the plus side it’ll keep those hunger pangs at bay while you keep your eye on the ball.

Get some coconuts
If you can’t be on a Brazilian beach drinking out of just fallen coconuts then you need to go for the next best thing and get hold of a fresh coconut, like those from CocoFace. Get sipping on the juicy goodness.

Be happy
Apparently Brazilian women (with men falling slightly behind) are the happiest in the world. They are less stressed, love life and know how to have fun. So go ahead and smile!

Leave your towel at home and go for sarong on the beach instead
Why would you carry around a bulky, heavy towel when you could channel your inner Brazil and wear a bright and beautiful sarong?

Eat Biscoito
Everyone out there eats them. Throw away those Hobnobs and learn how to make these instead. Cornstarch, egg, sugar, salt and butter is all you’ll need.

Go to Notting Hill Carnival
Our take on the Rio Carnival. It’s all about the outfits (sequins, feathers and nipple tassels – anything goes so long as you get your stomach out), the music (calypso, soca, steel pan and a lot of pumping sound systems) and the after parties.

Watch soaps all day long
And make sure you go to bars to talk about them. In Brazil they are called novelas and the whole country is crazy about them.

Be dramatic
They love a bit of drama out there, so why not just throw all your shopping out of your trolley, rip open your shirt and walk off?

Jump on the acai bandwagon

Packed full of health benefits and just oh so Brazil. Add some banana to your smoothie and make like a local.