Rekorderlig Winter Cocktails

If you’re anything like BarChick then you’ll be on the hunt for your winter tipple, and with one helluva cold six months predicted ahead, we’ve found just the thing to get us through it. Rekorderlig our fave Swedish cider have launched just what the doctor ordered in the shape of their limited edition Winter Cider. It’s only available from October till March (when the sun will put its hat back on) so get on it and get drinking. Rekorderlig Winter Cider is made from some seriously good apples and infused with cinnamon and vanilla. What we love best is that you can enjoy it both hot and cold depending on your mood/vibe/party, or add them to a cocktail for the best winter ingredient, like ever. Here are a handful of delicious Winter Cider Cocktial recipes we got from Joel Persson who is the Global Brand Ambassador for Rekorderlig. He was born about an hour away from the Rekorderlig Brewery so he’s practically made of the stuff! Not only is he handsome, award winning but he also loves experimenting with Rekorderlig so these warming Swedish style cocktails are certainly something special. Check it.


Rekorderlig Midnight Forest Grab a jug and pour in the following: 100ml Cherry brandy 50ml Sweet sherry 25ml Bourbon 25ml Amaretto 8 dashes Angostura bitters 500ml (1 bottle) Rekorderlig Winter Cider Garnish with mint leaves, cherries and slices of oranges. This is the perfect entertainer and will go down really well as a party punch. The beauty of it is that it’s really easy to make so once it’s finished it will take two seconds to make it up again. rekorderlig-midnight-forest Rekordernogg 30ml Dark rum 20ml Sweet sherry 10ml Sugar syrup 3 Dashes Angostura bitters 1Ž2 egg 200 – 250ml Hot Rekorderlig Winter Cider Mix all the above ingredients together in a pan and using a whisk, whisk the egg into them. Gently heat the pan on a stove and keep stirring it gently. When it’s all mixed together and at a suitably hot temperature, pour it into the closest thing you have to a tankard (big glass mug with a handle). Dust it with cinnamon and if you‘ve got one knocking around, stick in a candy cane! You can see what kind of drink they’re getting at here and we’re into it. rekordernogg Rekorderlig Hot Toddy 25ml Spiced rum 1tbsp Honey 15ml Fresh lemon juice 1 Cinnamon stick 220ml Hot Rekorderlig Winter Cider Mix the rum, honey and lemon together in a tankard (big glass mug with a handle). Heat up the Rekoderlig Winter Cider and add it to the tankard. Stir to mix all the ingredients together and garnish with a cinnamon stick and an orange wheel. This the ultimate winter warmer, morning or afternoon, out and about, or on the sofa. It’ll make you a whole lot happier in no time! rekorderlig-hot-toddy Rekorderlig Snow Cap 30ml Dark rum 30ml Lemon juice 20ml Oregat (almond sugar) 1 Egg white 30ml House Tempranillo 125ml Cold Rekorderlig Winter Cider Get your shaker face on and shake together the rum, orgeat, lemon and a cube of ice. With a strainer, double strain over ice into a tall glass and top up with Rekorderlig Winter Cider. Carefully pour the red wine onto the foam and garnish with a mint sprig and a cherry. Voila! Christmas in a glass. rekorderlig-snow-cap If you’re not too trusting of your cocktail making skills then head on over to Corney and Barrow who are serving up their own variations in the shape of Zubrowka Vodka, honey liqueur, crème de cassis, a dash of vanilla topped up with spiced Rekorderlig Winter Cider.