Rematch Beeyatch

If you’re lucky enough to be in gay Paris this coming Sunday, BarChick has a hot tip for you! Get yourself down to Little Red Door for Rematch Beeyatch AKA the legendary bartender speed competition which sees top bartenders battle it out to make 10 tiki style drinks in the fastest time. It has already reached iconic status in London and New York and now it has come to France! If that wasn’t enough to get you going, the Rematch is then followed by a takeover by one of our favourite London bars ‘Trailer Happiness’ who Plantation Rum have kindly brought to France for the night… menus, chef, DJ Paul Mant, blow up doll, the works! Plus Plantation Rum drinks are going to be half price just for the night.

Rematch starts at 7:30pm, Trailer Happiness party at 10pm // Check out the organisers: Barspoon


Scotty Schuder - Dirty Dick, Paris

Romain Krot - Little Red Door, Paris

Marc Bonneton - L'Antiquaire et The Butcher, Lyon

Julien Lopez - Papa Doble, Montpellier

Franck Dedieu - l’Antiquaire, Lyon

Damien Aries - Ballroom at the Beef Club, Paris

Yoan Bonneau - Bar Le Forum, Paris

Alexandre Lambert - Bar Louise Hôtel François Ier , Cognac

Samuel Roustaing - Black Pearl, Cannes

Tim Ward - Monkey Shoulder Ambassador, Paris (previously Hemingway bar at the Ritz, Paris)

Stan Jouenne - La Maison du Whisky, Paris

Emile Chaillot - Bar Solutions, Paris