Rematch Beeyatch Global - THE RESULTS

--- RESULTS ---

It’s been it’s gone and the hangovers are potent. Rematch Beeyatch was loud, proud and seriously boozey. We had fire on the ceiling, smashed glasses and Dick Bradstell… in a dress. With 18 of the best bartenders in London competing, being marked on time, cleanliness, quality and technique, people had everything to play for. Stepping up to the plate with their own choice of theme music and routine it wasn’t long before things got pretty hectic in Trailer Happiness. The turnout was immense, from brand ambassadors and other bartenders (too scared to enter…?) to friends there for support… the place was packed.

Who won over here repping the UK? Bobby Hiddleston from Milk and Honey with the crazy and extremely impressive time of 1.29 (1.24 + 5 second penalty). Over in NY things got close with Steve Schneider finishing in 1.21, but with a 15 second penalty it landed him with 1:36 meaning the UK delivered and Bobby’s now raking it in. NICE.

………….Next year BarChick’s entering, show ‘em how it’s done!...

Check out our photos from the night HERE 

See JOHANS ATTEMPTS - First competitor in London, and last competitor in NY. LEGEND.

What the f*ck is a Rematch Beeyatch?

It's a night of both great skill and carnage; the brainchild of the one and only Paul Mant. It’s a legendary global cocktail competition that this year took place on Monday 14th May, (in London it was held at Trailer Happiness). This isn’t about fancy mixology and barmen  with histories of their drink and chat about the smokey notes in the cocktail’s finish.  No no, this is a fast and furious race against the clock with entrants having to make 10 drinks as fast as possible.

Those drinks were:

2 Daiquiri 1 Caipirinha
1 Mojito 1 Pina Colada
1 Zombie 1 Cuba Libre
1 Planter’s Punch 1 Mai Tai
1 Can of BrewDog Punk IPA 1“BRAP” upon finishing (essentia

The marks were done as follows:

65 marks for the fastest time

20 marks for drink quality

5 marks for cleanliness

10 marks for technique, style, pure class and zen-like mixing

0 marks for wearing braces, hats or average chat

The judges this year were in the UK:

The one and only Dick Bradsell (in a dress)

Michael Butt

Jake Burger

Paul McFadyen

The Prize:

Winner takes all, and entry is 50 quid a head. So with 20 entrants per city (first come first serve), there was about 8k to celebrate with.

Who to beat?

The winner before was in fact a lady called Sarah Lusher, who did it in 2 minutes 7 seconds.

Other cities that took part:

New York Sydney
Melbourne Perth
Brisbane London