Rum Ramble

Want to discover some hot new hangouts, make new mates, and learn all about the pirate spirit?! Then book a ticket to Rum Ramble, baby. You’ll get to spend the evening with the one and only Micky Blue Eyes, Mr Leon Dalloway and drive around in the pimping party bus. Ballers.

Leon will educate you on the spirit at every turn, and you’ll have the chance to win lots of rum if you pay close attention.

With cocktails at The Blind Pig, The Perkin Reveller, East London Liquor Company, Portside Parlour and (the one we couldn’t wait for) Michelin starred City Social, you’ll be able to try a range of different rums in completely different styles of drinks and be an absolute pro by the end (if only school trips were like this). You’ll even get to see a functioning distillery – geek time.

Get a ticket and get involved – you’ll be done by 11pm so you can still get your beauty sleep for work the next day (or like BarChick, carry on partyting).

Tickets: £50 pp