September's Hot Dishes: Cornflake French Toast, Bao Buns & Goat Ramen

The Scottish Highlands rolled into the West End; Jamaican fare getting smoked up in jerk drums in Dalston; the return of the deep fryer (we're not talking fish n' chips); and some absolute ledge is dousing everything in beer and setting Fulham on fire. Here's where you should be foraging for food in September:

Mac & Wild

Fancy going to the Scottish Highlands without spending loads on a sleeper? Feast on wild venison, game and seafood in a sleek and proper rustic setting in the West End. The ledge behind the dishes is from Inverness, so you’re rooted and sorted. Dishes will be rotating throughout the year as it’s a seasonal menu, but get ready for masterpieces such as venison tartar, seared smoked scallops, venison steak, venison burgers, duck fat chips and whiskey tipsy. Mood? The decor will reflect the rural food you’re scarfing down: obligatory stag heads on walls, tables made from felled tree and butchers hooks dangling from ceilings. Go wild urbanites.

65 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 7PS




Broadway Market’s got a new tapas joint people. Except organic British produce done up tapas style with a Moorish influence and a rustic interior to match. From the communal tables to the al fresco dining, you’ll feel well acquainted with your food and neighbour alike. It's a feast with Saltmarsh lamb scrag, marjoram, samphire and lavender to Peruvian chocolate pot with caramelized beetroot and creme fraiche. Want booze? Of course. Drinks will be done up with tinctures and cordials that co-owner Ben made himself; this guy foraged and scrounged on hands and knees just to make our nights that much more tasty. What a guy.

From September 7th//129 Pritchard's Rd, London E2 9AP




This new venture is all about radicalising the hot dog. Let’s be frank—hot dogs have the potential to be absolute sh*t sometimes; boiled cheap sausage link doused in Coleman’s mustard and encased in stale baguette is NOT a hot dog; it’s a travesty.  So Hungerdog’s intent on salvaging the reputation of them by showcasing smoking grills and fresh home-made toppings right where we can see em’. Not only will they be offering pork and beef sausages, but vegetarian ones as well; omnivores and carnivores unite.

21a Camden High Street, London NW1 7JE




As a bit of an ode to Masterchef winner Tim Anderson’s first cookbook, said chef is opening this izakaya and ramen bar in Brixton and everyone’s fawning over it. Expect food inspired by southern Japan (with minor Caribbean influences in honour of the neighbourhood) alongside Japanese craft beer. BarChick’s all dropped-jaw about  Electric Eel (deep-fried eel with lime, chilli, ginger and sanshō pepper) and curried goat tsukemen ramen. If you dig Asian cuisine, this place is a bucket list cert. They’ll even be throwing scotch bonnet eggs in ramen.

Coming soon - watch this space. 426 Coldharbour Ln, Brixton, London SW9 8LF




This’ll be Dalston’s token Jamaican den where there are gonna be genuine jerk drums smoking up chicken and lamb fillets with pimento and sweet wood.  Sweet Jesus. Envision a central rum bar with (rumour has it) the largest selection of quality Jamaican rums in any UK bar/restaurant smashing out bespoke cocktails, beloved Jamaican patties and Sticky Rum Cakes. The team behind Rudie’s travelled all over to scavenge for premier Jamaican ingredients and authentic methods of cooking so us Brits could bask in the Caribbean dream in East London. It's going to get messy.

From mid September//50 Stoke Newington Road, London N16 7XB



400 Rabbits

Aztec folklore says that their goddess of alcohol and god of fermentation got it on one night and popped out 400 rabbits. And as this establishment named themselves after these hammered happy-go-lucky rabbit gods, we can make a good guess at what to expect. Sourdough pizza? Check. Craft beer? Check. Gelupo Gelato? Check. All Press coffee? Check. This new all-day hangout in Crystal Palace will make the world’s (or at least anyone willing to go south of the river) glutinous wishes come true.  The aubergine and yoghurt topped pizza was probably one of the best we've ever eaten. And there’s even barrel aged Negronis for £3.50. We tell no lie…

30-32 Westow Street, London SE19 3AH



Mother Clucker

The badass mother f*ckers at Mother Clucker started out serving tea brined, buttermilk soaked, twice battered fried chicken from a converted US Army ambulance currently housed in the Truman Brewery. They then took a joy ride to Field Day and recently took over The Cat & Mutton kitchen. This autumn's looking just a little bit more epic; expect signature dishes such as the Cluckwich (brioche bun with fried chicken breast, pickled peppers, iceberg lettuce, hot sauce and lime mayo), fish gumbo and beer roasted chicken every Sunday. All hail the deep fryer and forget everything you thought you knew about Sunday roasts; forget everything you thought you knew about fried chicken. Roosters, you suck balls. Mother Clucker, we salute you.

76 Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ




Prepare yourself for beer-soaked bliss: field mushroom braised in Japanese beer and teryaki, wasabi mayo, slaw, Tater Tots (the real kind) and beer chilli. You want brunch? Yeah, you do. You’re about to be able to get Cornflake coated french toast with bacon & maple butter AND pancakes with fruit beer jam. It's too much. Dave Ahern, you are an inspired and radical food human.

From September 3rd//18 Farm Lane Fulham, London SW6 1PP


Little Bao-Soho Kitchen & Bar

Everyone's all over small buns. They're the new burger - and black - in this city. Little Bao's commandeering Soho Kitchen & Bar for a week in September, there's no reservations and they're not f*cking around, so forget whatever you had planned from the 7th to the 13th. What to eat? Start with the 'bao', which is the signature Asian burger created by Chef May Chow, then fill up on short-rib pan fried dumplings. Sweet tooth? They've got Ice Cream Bao on deck. It's going to be mega; BarChick baos down.

19-21 Old Compton St, London W1D 5JJ // Until 13th September