Simone Caporale on Summer's Hottest Pop Up & Surreal Cocktails

What are you working on this summer?

I will be fortunate enough to be working at the Artesian bar as well as at The House of Peroni Residency during the summer. The House of Peroni Residency is an incredible space in Brick Lane where amazing things will happen. At the Artesian Bar, we will be introducing our new "Surrealism" cocktail menu which launches in July.

You've created the cocktail menu at House of Peroni, what was the inspiration?

The inspiration is all about “the piazza” – a physical place in the centre of Italian towns, but also a place in which life comes together.

Tell us one drink we can't leave there without trying?

Campo dei Fiori is a drink served in our bespoke double wall glass in which part of the drink will be hidden beneath a flavoured mist.

When you're not working at bars where will you be hanging this summer?

My summer will be all about making other people’s summers more enjoyable as I am very passionate about my work and will be working at the Artesian and The House of Peroni Residency throughout.

What’s been your most rock 'n roll bartender moment?

Every day is rock 'n roll for us…London is the capital city of cocktails.

You work in the best bar in the world, who’s the most exciting person you've made a drink for?

We treat all people who enter the bar like kings and we treat kings like people. That’s the best experience we can give anyone at the end of the day.

Being an Italian what does Peroni Nastro Azzurro mean to you?

A strong Italian symbol and fingerprint within the world of beverages. An icon for the good times spent together with friends.