St Germain Hand Picked

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St Germain have collaborated with one of London’s most experimental bars for an exciting new cocktail challenge.

The Deal? Hand Picked will run over 12 weeks and St Germain’s Brand Ambassador Madame St Germain has invited some of the world’s greatest bars to challenge the White Lyan to create 12 new cocktails. The 12 challenging bars will each suggest one ingredient alongside St Germain for the White Lyan to make a cocktail with. To you and me this may seem tricky, but the guys behind the White Lyan are genius… total genius and can make a good cocktail out of pretty much anything. This is exactly why you should get on down there every week if you’re keen because these cocktails will be insanely good.


St Germain is an artisanal French liqueur made with freshly hand-picked elderflowers and made using an age-old French technique. It’s one of the most versatile liqueurs out there which means it’s a bartenders best friend when it comes to cocktails and pairing with spirits.

Keep an eye out on BarChick’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the challenge of the week and our competition to win bottles of the cocktails. From Wednesday to Wednesday the White Lyan will be serving up each cocktail so get on down there…