Tanqueray Botanical Gin Garden

It's like your Nan's garden but with lots of Tanqueray chucked in. Yep. The glasshouse at the front of Carom in Soho has been taken over by Tanqueray, terracotta plant pots, strawberries, wild flowers, jam jars, antique benches and summer garden hideaways to bring a gin garden to the streets of Soho. BarChick picked flowers to wear in her hair, was shooting straight gin and sampling the entire cocktail menu well in to the early hours.. now that's a garden party!

As well as hosting midnight garden parties, there's a bunch of events going on in the Botanical Gin Garden this summer from masterclasses with the legends at Tanqueray to Indian summer supper clubs.

The cocktails at The Botanical Gin Garden have all been created to accompany the buff Indian dishes, the BarChick favourite being the Rangpur Southside - Tanqueray, fresh mint, ginger, lime and garnished with a bay leaf. This is a cocktail we could sip on all summer, well until the place shuts up shop in October anyway.

 100 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TN