The Best Margaritas To Enjoy In Your Hacienda

When life gives you limes, you know what to do. And so do these guys.

Whether you're getting your weekend started, celebrating Margarita Day or just fancy a taste of that Mexican life in the middle of the week - these are the Margs we're all about when it comes to home drinking.

NIO Tommy's Margarita

Jose Cuervo Tequila | Toschi Agave Syrup | Organic Citric Acid | Water

A Margarita you can fit in your back pocket? We're down. Rather than bottling their cocktails, the team from NIO have packaged up their premium crafted serves in uniquely designed sleeves slim enough to keep on ya until the mood strikes. Then it's a case of rip off the corner, pour over ice and sip. Their slim-packed Tommy's is sharp, citrusy and bad-ass - a taste of Mexico in your pocket.

Build a box of NIO cocktails here.

Quarantini Kit Margarita - The Sun Tavern

Ocho Blanco Tequila | Forever Lime | Agave

Having a rule-of-6 Cinco De Mayo celebration with your mates? Wanna stock up? This Quarantini bumper box is the way to do it. Choose two bottled cocktails created on-site at The Sun Tavern by the wicked bar team, enough for 8 serves - all for £28. Sure you can go for Irish Old Fashioned, Negroni, Sazerac... but why would you when Margs are on the cards??

Each bottled cocktail contains 4 cocktail serves. Get your box of treats here.

Pink Chihuahua - Tommy's Margarita

Altos Tequila | Fresh Lime Juice | Agave

When BarChick wants to let her hair down, this is the Soho haunt she heads to. While letting loose in lockdown hits a bit differently now, you can still score the good stuff The Pink Chihuahua is known for, cos this basement bar is bottling up their Margs for when you wanna go loco in your casa - you just gotta get them delivered. Our choice? Well, nothing says "dance on your kitchen table" quite like a Tommy's. And you won't have to negotiate El Camion's ladder-like staircase when it's time to call it a night. May as well make it two bottles.

Tayēr + Elementary - Bergamot Margarita

Ocho Blanco Tequila | QuiQuiRiQui Tobala Mezcal | Tio Pepe Fino Sherry | Cocchi Americano | Bergamot | Citrus Cordial

Q: What do you need to experience the 5th best bar in the world during a global pandemic? A: a freezer full of ice, your favourite rocks glass and a few bottles of their epic RTD cocktails. The formidable pair behind Shoreditch's Tayēr + Elementary don't do things by halves. That's why when it comes to creating a bottled Margarita, they've gone all out, hitting us with an agave double whammy of tequila and mezcal. The result is a blend of ripe creamy agave, with an earthy smokiness cut with ripe citrus. Oh mama. 

Each 300ml bottle is priced at £30, available to buy through the T+E shop & Cask liquid Marketing (where they currently have 20% off - get it while it's hot!)

The Pink Chihuahua's bottled Margarita's come in 750ml bottles (approx 6 cocktails) for £40 each. You can get them here. 

Three Sheets - Classic Margarita

Ocho Tequila | Lime | Orange | Hint of Neroli | Pinch of Salt

This sh*t-hot East London drinking hole is parked firmly on the World's 50 best list, but their cocktails are rocking a bit more mobility. Pretty sweet news for anyone sat at home missing the way the Vennng brothers make magic with booze. They've nailed the classics and bottled them up for delivery, with a touch of Three Sheets class. For their margarita, they've kept it traditional (ish), and bad-ass. Time to make some space in your fridge, amigos, cos with this Marg you're never more than a bottlecap twist away from Kingsland Road's answer to Mexico.

Each 500ml bottle is priced at £29. Available to order through Top Cuvee

MOTH Canned Margarita

Enemigo Tequila | Triple Sec | Lime | Salt

Nothing like cracking open a cold one at the end of the day, amirite lads? These slick, dinky cans from MOTH (that's a Mix Of Total Happiness, honey) taste like closing those 20 tabs on your browser on a Friday afternoon and checking in for a weekend of chilling with your crew. They might be small but this bar-quality mix of Enemigo Tequila, Triple Sec, lime and salt makes them hella mighty. The perfect sized serve for one, these cans are ready to go when you are. Whether you're going somewhere or not.

MOTH cocktails are available to buy exclusively from Waitrose for £3.99 per can. You can currently get 4 for 3. Get on it.

Miami Cocktail Company - Margarita Spritz

Organic Sparkling Agave Wine | Organic Key Lime | Orange | Ginger | Elderflower Juice

Aperitivo Hour, meet Hammock Time. This chill can of Margarita Spritz from the Miami Cocktail Co brings a kick-ass canned hybrid of summer vibes, subbing out the traditional tequila for agave wine AKA fortified wine made from fermented blue agave blended with Blanco tequila. They've pimped it with sweet and floral notes of elderflower and ginger, and balanced it all with a lush spray of lime juice. Perfect for sipping on a sun-dappled Italian terrace, under a Mexican beach-side cabana or at your local park. Whatever works for you. 

Available to purchase online from for £3 or enjoy 4-for-3 at

Black Lines - Spicy Tommy's Margarita

Tequila | Agave | Lime | Chilli

The batched cocktail pros Black Lines have added a touch of chilli to their Tommy's Margarita and it's bringing more heat than an episode of Bridgerton. Hot damn. Just get that bottle straight in the fridge and when you can’t wait any longer, pop the cap, pour over plenty of ice in a rocks glass and garnish with a chilli top. You're gonna want some alone time with this bottle. Trust us.

This 500ml bottle contains 5 serves, priced at £24. They'll hook you up with a bottle here.

The Drinks Drop - Margarita Moments

Patron Silver | Various Ingredients

Nothing brings the party more than a Margarita, and this sassy Margarita Moments package combines 3 of The Drinks Drop's most popular margaritas, from some of London and Manchester’s most loved bars. This epic combo box contains 6 Margs, with 2 x Watermelon Margs from Crazy Pedro's in Manchester; 2 x Pomegranate and Ginger Margarita's from Hacha; and 2 x Wild Pina Margaritas from The Savoy. Lets get this party started.

The Margarita Moments box is priced at £45 for 6 Margs. Order here.

Hacha - Mezcal Mirror Margarita

The Lost Explorer Espadín Mezcal | Kaffir Lime | Eucalyptus | Cane Syrup

Few London cocktails have legend status, but we can pretty confidently say Hacha's Mirror Margarita is 100% legendary. In fact, it's now a brand in its own right. If you haven't tried "the best cocktail in the UK" yet, now's the time to change that, and while you're at it, you need to give their Mezcal Marg a ride, too. This smokey twist on the award-winning OG is made with The Lost Explorer Espadín Mezcal, a sweet, herbaceous spirit with notes of apple, cherries and wood smoke.

Each 500ml bottle (4 large serves) is priced at £36. Get your bottle from the Mirror Margarita webshop.

Tom Savano Single Estate Reposado Margarita

Ocho Reposado | Lime | Agave | Bitters

When something promises to be 'so smooth and fresh you’ll feel you’re lying on the warm sand surrounded by palm trees with one sip' then we sit up and damn well listen. This bottled riff on a Tommy's is crisp and refreshing, combining the golden flavours of aged tequila with tangy lime, sweet agave, and their secret bitters with a hint of smokiness. Move over Tommy, this is Tom's Margarita now.

Grab a 250ml or 500ml bottle here

Persian Lime & Nori Margarita - World of Zing

Ocho Tequila | Persian Lime | Agave | Nori Seaweed Bitters

Sherbert lime notes, umami seaweed... this screams mouth-watering flavour bomb for the tastebuds, and we're into it. Those badasses at World of Zing sure know how to mix a creative cocktail. 

Grab a bottle here.


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