The Blind Swine

York has got a hot new bar hitting their streets.


This is a rock and roll bar modelled on a Victorian curiosity shop, the music is vinyl only and the staff are badass.  Expect a mismatch of furniture saved from the dump, car-boot sales and auction houses, handed over to talented craftsmen and given a home in The Blind Swine. They’ve really done their homework on the cocktail side of things, taking inspiration from the likes of The Whistling Shop , so you can find yourself drinking some seriously interesting concoctions.

We love the sound of “The Physical Impossibility Of Finding Love In A Conical Flask”- cognac, apple, blueberry vinegar, grenache evaporation, BS Ginger Beer and a thermometer as a garnish! There's also the “Evolving Cocktail” - the ingredients change regularly to reflect whatever is in season - have a chat with the barmen to find out the flavour of the month. They have a great beer selection to give the education you need on beers from Belgium all the way to the US.

It’s not all about the drinks though; on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings there is a seven course tasting menu with miniature cocktail pairings. The head chef has been at Noma (winner of best restaurant 3 years in a row) so it’s gonna be good, and with only twelve spaces a night we suggest a booking before you head.

22-24 Swinegate, York, Y01 8AZ Mon- Sun 9am-3am