The Brick Lane Burner

BarChick's always down to try the hottest cocktails around... but this isn't quite what we had in mind!

BarChick’s been all over the place drinking cocktails (sh*t job) in London’s best bars, they’re amazing. That said you can be left disappointed, like when you pay 15 quid for a Bloody Mary at The Met Bar and it's made by an intern using horrible pre mixed Big Tom stuff. Other times there are just weird cocktails - avocado blended?! Keep it. But recently BarChick discovered that some of them just hurt.

It started with a trip to Soho’s Zenna Bar, where Dan Thomson made BarChick an Illiana – which might well have been one of the world’s spiciest cocktails... until recently. After signing the medical disclaimer, BarChick finished that one... and came back for more. But Dan wasn’t messing around this time and after remaking a second drink three times as hot, BarChick was done.

But that was child's play when compared to Vibe Bar's Brick Lane Burner, which is about 20 times hotter than a standard Vindaloo curry... or 270 times hotter than Tabasco. For the scientists out there, the drink was measured at 676,979 Scoville heat units. The extract they use comes in at 12 million units... 6 times hotter than weapon grade pepper spray!! At this point it was hard to remember why BarChick was going to drink it. And when they say it’s the spiciest cocktail, they’re not talking sh*t – in fact, it has set a new Guinness World Record as the spiciest commercially available drink in the world. Boom! BarChick’s first world record... done.

So after a lot of build-up, BarChick stepped up to the bar feeling a bit nervous. But seriously, nothing can prepare you for this. It starts off f**king hot, and then it just gets worse and worse until you feel it burning its way down. They had loads of mango lassi around... it kind of helped (in the same way telling yourself “at least it was a good night” helps you deal with your credit card statement). One guy trying to impress the girls took three or four big swigs, and then left the building so quickly that he might as well have actually been on fire. Who needs Jack the Ripper?

Vibe Bar might start leaving bodies around the streets of Whitechapel again... They’re selling the Brick Lane Burner as part of their new range of spice inspired drinks... so if you’re feeling brave, you can have a go (once you’ve signed the waiver). Not recommended on a date... she won’t be kissing you for a week, or at least until you stop looking like a puffer fish.  

VIBE BAR 91-95 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL The Brick Lane Burner - £15.50 (medical disclaimer required)