The Curious Case of Vestal

Word on the street is that an illicit underground watering hole in Earls Court has secured a new shipment via undisclosed means. What’s more is that the booty contains an impressive amount of Vestal Rye, shipped by a certain Mr Willy Vestal, who has been toiling away in a basement in the Outer Hebrides (or there abouts).

Throw on your dark glasses, camel mac, Trilby and join us at Evans and Peel for a slug of this contraband. We hear it’s really rather good. If you are in agreeance, then Mr Imbibe himself has a challenge for which he will pay generously… after all you will be risking the land of stripy sunshine.
Calling all bartenders, at 1730hrs on 2nd July, you will be handed a suspicious looking package, containing the one and only Vestal Rye as well as fifteen other ingredients. Your mission? Knock the socks off BarChick and Mr Willy Vestal.

Good luck and remember, tell no one.