The new menu at Social 24 has landed

Social 24 has launched a new cocktail menu reliving the golden age of cocktails 24 storeys up, and the new drinks are as baller as the view...

Leave your vertigo with the friendly chap at the ground floor desk, and get ready for your ears to pop as you whizz up to the 24th floor of Tower 42. There isn't a bad seat in the house, thanks to those epic floor-to-ceiling windows which run around the whole bar, but you'll find BarChick perched at the table right next to the window with the best view. Check out vista which stretches from The Shard over to Centre Point on the horizon. There for sunset? We dare you not to take a pic - after all, if you don't post it on the gram, were you even there?

Head Bartender Mickael Lenu is a bit of a maverick when it comes to his vision for this place. The man has plans and they sound pretty tasty to us. He's designed the new signature menu so guests can experience the good old days of mixology. There are, of course, a few modern twists; he's blended up some classic and innovative techniques to create some pretty special serves. The menu itself has been illustrated with quotes from some of the greatest drinkers in history (though we couldn't find a BarChick quote in there) and it 's splashed with colours repping the flavour profiles you'll find in the new drinks. It looks bloody gorgeous, but it's practical too. We're down with that.

If you wanna start light and refreshing, introduce yourself to Mr Cantinflas. He's a smooth and gentle fella made with Arette Tequila, Gem & Bolt Mezcal, Banana liquor, Kiwi, Pineapple & Spicy banana crumble. There are some serious summer vibes in this glass and just one sip'll have you imagining the sand of a Mexican beach between your toes. The Soybean Car is something a little bit different. This pretty little coupe is as smooth as the suited n booted men perched at the bar think they are; There's orange & dark chocolate powder amongst Remy Martin 1738 Cognac, Triple sec, Citrus and Vanilla syrup, so It's all sweetness until you get the umami pinch created by the dash of light soy.  It's a game changer and we dig it.

If you like your cocktails bold and powerful, the Bulleit Proof is your order. Served in an elegant, heavy-bottomed glass with a perfectly spherical ball of ice, this bittersweet blend of Bulleit Rye Whisky, Sweet vermouth, Cynar & Orange Bitters is their take on a Boulevardier. Warm but refreshing; we're always down for that oxymoron. Want one more? Then have One More, a bubblegum pink flute plucked straight from Barbie's boozy dreams; this mix of Absolut Elyx Vodka, Blood orange, Vanilla syrup, Citrus, egg yolk & Champagne has some nostalgic flavours going on, with a cheek sucking sourness and gentle fizz, like a sherbert dib-dab. And that smoked marshmallow garnish? It's gooey and sweet and'll have you craving summer evening bonfires.

This place has a Michelin-star, so you're gonna want to check out the bar menu, too. Trust us when we say you need the Goats Cheese Churros in your life. They're the signature bar snack here; kinda sweet, creamy n' salty all at once, and make sure you give them a generous dip into the pot of London truffle honey on the side. Don't share these. Get your own portion.  The Avocado Tempura with spicy aubergine is another tasty plate which will keep hunger at bay. Great date snack food, and this is a solid date spot. You'd be pretty foolish not to order some of their triple cooked chips while you're at it, and if you wanna go all out, we'd say the Smoked Pork Empanadas with harissa and red onion compote shouldn't be missed either.  F*ck it. Get it all.  It's all bloody great.