The Perfect Pint

Us Brits are doing beer all wrong, did you know that?

BarChick has a tough time in life, flying around the world drinking the world's best booze. We are fresh back from Amsterdam where we judged the Heineken Global Bartender Final.

Heineken are the don’s when it comes to making beer, they’ve been doing it forever, and now they’re trying to make sure people are drinking it properly.

How is it done?

Talk to Franck.

Franck’s job is to go around the world and teach people how to serve a beer properly (and you thought our job was tough).

How does he do it? With the only 5 steps you need to know when pouring a pint.

The 5 Steps

Heineken Star Serve is a global programme that’s all about making sure that draught beer you’re sipping it mega. Pretty important. To get the Star Serve you gotta follow the 5 steps. It’s not as simple as it might look and pulling the perfect pint takes some serious skill. Next time you order a beer look out for the following:

Rinse – A cold, wet glass makes the head last longer

Pour - 45 degrees baby

Skim - the foam head supports the closure of the beer away from air and oxygen and with this protection the beer stays fresh longer. If you skim the foam it closes up the bubbles, so the protection is even stronger.

Check - for a full 5 out of 5, your head needs to sit on the shoulder of the stars. Like this (insert image)

Serve - service must come with some good chat, a smile, and on a coaster - facing you.

If they get all of this right? Stay put, it’s a jungle of dodgy beer pouring out there. Order another.

The X Factor for beer

The Heineken Global Bartender Competition brings the best bartenders around the world to Amsterdam for the world final. This year, following national finals in 18 countries across the globe, 18 bartenders went head to head for a chance to go to Ibiza.

Who pours the best Heineken in the world? A hot Russian chick. Obviously. Olga, who works at Tara Brooch in St Petersburg won the Heineken Global Bartender Final.

Who came close? Jeffrey Ciego Fajardo in Hong Kong is the cutest guy ever and pours a damn good pint. Happen to be in Macau? Go find him for sure.

A little closer to home is The Alexander Pope in Twickenham where they do a great job. But if you really want to get your Heineken freak on, we say fly to Amsterdam and drink at Freddy’s bar