The Punniest Cocktail Names In The World

Because sometimes bartenders get bored...

The good, the bad and the 'Bols Deep' dirty; here are the punniest cocktail names around the world.

Now go order one and try to keep a straight face.

Up The Rum No Baileys

What: Appleton 12yr, homemade Baileys, 1 whole egg

Serve: Shake with ice, garnish with nutmeg and a slice of banana

Who: Ali Reynolds

Where: Hawksmoor Spitalfields (London, UK)

Sauvignon Private Ryan

What: Calvados, lemon & passionfruit juice, vanilla & cardamon syrup, Sauvignon Blanc and Fino sherry

Serve: Over crushed ice in a rations tin, complete with dog-tags and pyrotechnics

Who: Elliot Ball

Where: Cocktail Trading Company (London, UK)


Tequila Mockingbird

What: Tequila, creme de menthe, fresh lime and sugar syrup

Serve: Up, garnished with a mint leaf

Who: Unknown sometime in the 1960s

Where: Library Bar (Los Angeles, USA)

Lavender Vida Loca

What: Gin and sugar

Serve: Over crushed ice in a Julep tin, accented with lavender and mint

Who: Jake Burger

Where: The Portobello Star (London, UK)


Bean Me Up Biscotti

What: Bourbon, biscotti coffee liqueur and orange bitters

Serve: Over Ice

Who: Trevor Easter

Where: Park & Rec (San Diego, USA)

Howling Ban-Shee

What: Ban Poitin, Cocci Americano vermouth, white tea, rosemary syrup and citric sugar

Serve: Up

Who: Gillian Boyle

Where: Callooh Callay (London, UK)


Tonka, Taylor's, Soldier, Rye

What: Rye, Cynar, port reduction and tonka bean tincture.

Serve: Up

Who: Liam Webster

Where: Blind Pig (London, UK)

Bols Deep

What: Clarified milk punch with Bols Genever, pisco, rye, bourbon, green tea and lemon

Serve: Over ice with a cinnamon stick garnish

Who: Jade Brown Godfrey

Where: Pouring Ribbons (New York, USA)


Fig Shrubble in Little Cynar

What: Aged rum, fig shrub, Cynar and bitters

Serve: Up

Who: Sam Kershaw

Where: Callooh Callay (London, UK)

Sage Against the Machine

What: Tequila, fresh sage, pineapple Juice, lime juice and sugar.

Serve: With American Dreams


Where: Dragonfly Cocktail Bar (Edinburgh, Scotland)


Rye Me a River

What: Rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, cherry brandy and Peychaud bitters

Serve: Coupe with a side of Justin Timberlake

Who: Barney Toy

Where: Society & Nook (Auckland, New Zealand)

Dill Or No Dill

What: Gin, lemon, cucumber, elderflower cordial, fresh dill and smoked salt

Serve: up in a Nick & Nora with a sprig of dill pinned to the rim.

Who: Gareth Evans

Where: Berners Tavern (London, UK)


What's so honey 'bout peas, lovage and understanding?

What: Vodka, lovage cordial, manzanilla sherry, and sugar snap peas

Serve: Up with a dash of harmony.

Who: Jake Burger

Where: The Portobello Star (London, UK)