The Rum Experience University

If like BarChick you are still looking for that perfect university course to sign up to, well look no further. Because once a year, and for one week only, Andalucia opens its doors to around 60 students. What's the course? The Rum Experience, aka everything you could ever need to know about rum. Genius right?

Why Spain? First up this country was once home to the world’s largest sugar cane farms, plus it is the last place in Europe that's still producing sugar cane (which is key to rum making).

What will you learn?

So you'll start by understanding this sweet, sweet crop and how it grows, how you cut it, chew it, understand it and love it.
Then you'll learn how it is used to make rum… bingo. Not only this but they'll teach you everything and anything you will ever need to know about rum, from the history and blending and pairing, to cocktail making and most importantly, tasting.

Who’s teaching? What's the craic?

First up you got the godfather of rum, Ian Borrell, the brains behind this university, and he has rallied together quite the faculty.
Check ‘em out:

The inseparable cocktail couple, Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller, aka cocktail historians extraordinaire.
Belgium’s mad food scientist Bernard Lahousse, who'll be there to teach you a thing or two about matching food and rum.

David Cordoba, rum’s international man of mystery, who can be found travelling and teaching the ways of rum all over the place.
Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, who’s the king of tiki, he's won awards, he wears a straw hat, he's a G.

Then you have Mr Richard Seale, who was quite literally born to make rum. He is the great grandson of the original R.L. Seale, so his blood is basically part rum.

What else?

Well this is the home of Spain’s finest rum; Ron Montero (Ron means rum), it’s family owned and most importantly delicious to drink. Plus it’s the only bodega you can visit, so swing by and give Andrea and her crew a high five; they're almost more awesome than their rum.

Extra-curricular activities?

Hells yeah there are. Not only are you spoilt with all the sun, sea and sand. But you'll visit beach bars, hit the Spanish tiles by night, and eat n drink like a Spanish bull fighting champion.

When is it?

Monday 16th – Friday 20th September 2013

What's the damage?

£899 per person (full board), a freaking bargain for all that, trust. Oh and bring us back some jamon wouldja.

Want in? Check it out here