A Christmas Booze Festival Is Coming To London

There's a new 2 day show coming to London this weekend. We're not talking weird fashion catwalks or bike shows for men in a mid-life crisis. No, we're talking a 2 day show dedicated to the world's best booze. Epic. PLUS we can get you HALF PRICE TICKETS - boo ya. Just message us for your code! 

That's what you'll find at The Spirit Show - the first one ever is setting up shop in London on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th December. It's a mass gathering of premium and craft only spirit brands - gin, rum, whisky and liqueur, and the name of the game is go in and try as many as you want/can. And as if that wasn't enough to get you down there, here's 10 more reasons why we think it'll rock.

1. First off, that’s your Christmas presents sorted in one hazy, alcohol-fuelled afternoon ‘cos there’ll be 100s of spirits try out and buy there. This is Xmas shopping the BarChick way 'cos no-one wants to be the guy scrambling around John Lewis on Christmas Eve.

2. You get to bore the family over Christmas dinner with your new spirit know-how. Booze journos Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley are running loads of workshops throughout the weekend on stuff like – 'learn how to blend your own gin' and a masterclass on 'vodkas from around the world'.  Grandad might be disappointed you don't know the capital of Uruguay but can he tell you the botanicals in that bottle of gin? Exactly. We know who the winner is here.

3. With unlimited tastings it's an awesome daytime date - with no stress about whose round it is. And if they're boring, just get yourself into a super in-depth chat with Jim the craft vodka maker, he can't wait to get talking about his distillation processes.

4. Choctails.  Chocolates filled with cocktails. Hell yeah!


5. Try niche spirits that you won't find in your local Tesco like Curio – a Cornish Gin that tastes kinda like the sea.  Plus loads of awesome rums on Rum Row. Our new favourite London street.

6.  All tickets include a free street food dish. Mac n cheese, dawgs, lamb tortillas, perfect for soaking up the samples.

7. Drink gin and save Dumbo - Elephant Gin will be there, and as well as tasting pretty awesome, with their rare South African Botanicals, but they give 15% off their earnings towards saving elephants, (Sir David would be proud).

8. Go au natural and try out organic spirits. Don't let hangovers kill your festival vibe, these bottles are made using only the good stuff so there shouldn't be any sugar dips that leave you feeling like you've been hit by a bus. If BarChick did medicine...


9. You get a free tasting glass – (we’re so over smuggling it out)

10. BarChick’s fave cocktail party crew - The London Cocktail Club – will be knocking up some killer concoctions at the bar. Let the good times roll.

Friday 9th - Saturday 10th December// Sessions: Friday: 12pm-4pm, 5pm-9pm. Saturday: 12pm-5pm // Business Design Centre Ltd, 52 Upper St, London N1 0QH // thespiritshow.co.uk // Just message us for 50% off your code!