The Spirit Social Winter Series

We love nothing more than a boozy party and Spirit Social sessions are just that. You don't often hear ‘West London’ and ‘killer night’ in the same sentence but for one night a month the Duppy Share host great little parties at Maxilla Social Club in Notting Hill and they rock. The idea is that good people drinking great brands and eating tasty food whilst dancing to live music. Simple.

Get these dates in your diary and grabs some mates cos this is the best tenner you'll spend all month.

October - Wednesday 14th - Future Tiki Tales & Tunes

Who’s gonna be there?

Regal Rogue - Nearly as naughty as it sounds! A blend of native Australian aromatics come together with fine wine and unruly charm.

Mr. Black -Tom and Phillip are bringing Australian coffee standards to the world of liqueur. We’re talking cold brew liquor. You know it’s gonna taste good!

Bold - A British aperitif made by infusing sour cherry, cassia bark and botanicals. Outta the way Pimms.

November - Thursday 12th - Westside Stories

Who’s gonna be there?

Sipsmith – If you’re gin fan and still haven’t come across these guys then we don’t know where you’ve been hiding. Hammersmith born and bred they’re already taking the world by storm with their G&T’s.

Pedrino - An alcoholic tonic? Yep Sam & Joe have created a mix of cask-aged sherry, citrus botanicals and quinine that tastes just great.

The Bloody Oyster – You may have seen the bus about but if not these guys serve up oysters to the masses alongside the classic Bloody Mary. Oh and cocktail guru Iain McPherson has had a play with the menu (which can only mean good things).

Seedlip – The world’s first non-alcoholic spirit made with distilled botanicals. So new it hasn’t even launched yet. Be the first to drink it!

Karma Cola - Cola with a conscience, this real cola nut based soft drink uses its proceeds to support the farmers in Sierra Leone who grow it. We never liked Coca Cola anyway…

December - Thursday 17th - Legendary Christmas Cocktails

Who's gonna be there?

BELSAZAR - A fine wine aperitif (aka vermouth) that’s big in the bar scene and does wonders for our Martinis.

Black Cow - A vodka made entirely from the milk from a 250-strong dairy herd in Dorset. We have it with our cereal.

Ban Poitin – Emerging from the underground after a ban of over 300 years, Poitín is back baby and it’s as tasty as ever.


Fundi Pizza will be fixing up wood fired pizza fresh from hand built ovens to the cracking tunes of Sombrero Sound System, resident DJs for Sunday Best and Bestival.

Tickets £10

Maxilla Social Club, 2 Maxilla Walk, London W10 6NQ