The Ultimate Dating Site

... and BarChick's got you £10 off!

Single and ready to mingle? Hells yeah you and 15 million UK wide people are. Well we say it’s time to get out there, get dating, and get café au laid! We’re making it our mission to do something about dating… queue DoingSomething. These guys cut the cr*p, and hook you up with people who want to do the things you want to do, curry night at Wetherspoons? No need.

It’s simple really, all them creepy dating sites are out (were they ever in?) and don’t you dare believe those b*llsh*t marriage stories, because unlike 50% of their users (e-herm) you won’t end up happily married with kids in a two bed semi. Instead, and this is much more likely, you will go on a date with someone who looks NOTHING like their photo, doesn’t actually own a Ferrari and who still lives at home with their 12 cats and parents (yes one third of people lie online, shock horror).

So this is a far better way to get some action. Sign up to DoingSomething, and throw some dates out there: ping pong and burgers, old school film night, roller disco (or just ask us and we’ll help you). Potential lovers will see your proposals and grab them if they like the sound of you and your idea, this way you actually do things with people who want to do them too. Even if you haven’t flown to Vegas and tied the knot by the end of the evening at least you’ve done something cool and not eaten your weight in the Pizza Hut all-you-can-eat buffet. So if you’re single and ready to mingle, it’s time to do something about it. We’re about spreading the love, so come get some.

Guess what kids? If you sign up between the 26th April and 2nd May you get £10 off when you join. Just type in barchick10 on checkout. What are you waiting for?