Time to get Tropical - 10 Rum Cocktails Delivered to Your Door!

Enjoy a slice of Island Life with drinks that pack a punch

Close your eyes... that's not your neighbour's vacuum you can hear, it's waves crashing on an exotic beach. Time to bring the carnival to your casa. 

Raspberry & Basil Mojito - World of Zing

Fresh as f*ck twist with summer garden freshness

Pampero Rum | Basil & Eucalyptus Tincture | Raspberry

Mint, you're on the bench - basil, time to shine. This alternative to the classic mojito is juicy, fruity, herbaceous and refreshing. Perfect for a long afternoon in your garden/soaking up the sun by your open window. 

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Rum Punch - Callooh Callay

A pimped up punch that's a killer version of the classic

Bacardi Carta Blanca & 8 yr old | Hennessy Cognac | Wray and Nephew | Velvet Falernum | Lemon Sherbet | Pineapple Juice

Holy sh*t this one packs a punch. 3 different rums, cognac... let's just say that a few of these and you'll be starting your own solo conga line in your lounge. No doubt you're gonna be totally tropical with this belter.  

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Punchy Fun House - Lollipop

This bottled baby is bringing the beach to you

Brandy | Rum | Peach | Tea


The breeze sighing through palms, a swaying hammock, sand in your toes and a bottle of something boozy by your side. We can't guarantee any of that in lockdown apart from the last one - and all you gotta do is order this exotic treat to your door. The rest might require a little bit of imagination. 

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Dark & Stormy - Deli Cat

Forget drinking outta coconuts - vacuum pack is the way forward

Bumbu Spiced Rum | Lime | Banana | Ginger Beer

Welcome in lazy summer days with the classic from Deli Cat & Sons. Caribbean spiced rum topped up with ginger beer = heaven. Wanna be extra chill? Drink it straight from the bag with a paper straw - who needs glassware anyway? 

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Ain’t No-Jito - Cocktail Trading Co

A Mojito... but not like you know it

Aged Rum | Clarified Lime | Mint Tea Blend | Dark Sugars

Another awesome twist on that classic mojito - a clear concoction that mixes mint tea with all your other staple ingredients then figures it'll be better with a fizz. Same same but deliciously different - we're inclined to agree. Give it a whirl.

Help yourself to a couple right here. 

Banana Daiquiri - The Sun Tavern

Bacardi, bananas and beers = beach bonanza 

Bacardi Anejo Cuatro | Citrus | Banana

You've decided you wanna really take this beach party to the next level - even if the last sand you saw was going into a cement mixer on your last excursion outside. The Sun Tavern has your back. Choose two bottled cocktails created on-site by the wicked bar team, and you'll get 6 beers too - all for £50. When one of the options is a Banana Daiquiri, we don't say no. 

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Aride - Laki Kane

Get ready to shake your tail-feather with this totally tropical number

White Rum | Citrus | Mango | Lillet Rouge | Bitters | Cracked Black Pepper

Laki Kane is one of London's most rum-soaked tropical escapes, so makes sense that they're delivering the good stuff. Named after the Northmost island of the Seychelles, this is an exotic version of the classic cobbler. Bring us mango + rum any day of the week.

London based? You can order your cocktail here.

Disco Daiquiri - Nine Lives

Feeling a lil bit funky? This one's for you

White Rum | Sherry | Citrus

If sunshine & rum is a combo that makes you wanna dance, then join our gang. Get your disco groove on with this powerful and punchy number from London's sustainable Nine Lives bar. The sherry gives it that bit of extra depth, the citrus makes it crisp and then rum? That brings the funk. 

London peeps can get their drink here

Rum Old Fashioned - MAP Lab

Deep, rich, potent - the next level of rum cocktails

Havana Rum | Angostura Bitters | Molasses-Flavoured Brown Sugar

This is the Godfather of rum cocktails. It's not messing about. Those molasses make it intense and earthy, and you get all those rich flavours from the rum. Simple and damned effective.  

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Passionfruit Daiquiri - Bottle Bar & Shop

Sweet, tart and sassy - just how we like it 

White Rum | Lime | Passion Fruit

Is your lockdown missing some passion? These guys are serving it up in bottle loads. All the tropical flavours you love, perfectly balanced in a banging cocktail.  Heaven. 

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