6 London Bars Sending Love (& Cocktails) For Valentine's Day

Ding dong! Cupid's at the door, and he's brought cocktails.

 When it comes to big declarations of love, say it with cocktails.

Scarfe's Bar x Rémy Martin x William Curley

If you wanna sweeten them up...

Listen up, gang. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, so if you're looking for the perfect present to sweeten up your Valentine, this epic gift is gonna do the job. Holborn's ultra-luxe Scarfe's Bar has joined forces with one of the world's finest chocolatiers for the ultimate gift in indulgence. It includes a Scarfes Bar Cocoa Cherry Sour bottled cocktail (think sexy Black Forest Gateau vibes) using verjus, a cocoa nibs infusion of Rémy Martin 1738 and Cherry, and a box of 4 tailor-made chocolates by chocolatier William Curley to really make the cocktail sing (good for sharing or keeping to yourself. We won't judge.)

This Limited Edition 200ml Valentines Cocktail + Chocolates from Scarfes Bar is priced at £34. Only 50 available so you'll wanna act sharpish to avoid the dog house on Sunday. 

Tayēr + Elementary

If you're riding solo...

Single and ready to mingle (with strangers on the internet) or just digging the pleasure of your own company? Valentine's Day ain't just for the loved up, amigos. Be like BarChick and use it as the perfect excuse to spoil No.1 That's you, honey. The award-winning dream team from Tayēr + Elementary have two wicked gift boxes for such an occasion: "Single - and ready to mingle" or "F**k - I miss you", each containing 3 x 100ml bottles of one of their epic cocktails; the citrussy, juicy and tart Chinotto + Lemon Drop; the fresh and herbaceous Strawberry + Black Pepper Negroni; & the rich and indulgent Chocolate + Hazelnut Old Fashioned. Plus side: no-one to share 'em with = all for you. You might be onto something here...

Go all out and order two, and you'll be invited for a round of One Sip Martini's, the bar's small but mighty signature serve, once it's back open. 

The Sun Tavern + Discount Suit Company

If you've got a secret crush...

Try'na find a way to tell that hottie you've been eyeing up in the weekly "all hands" Zoom call that you think they're a dish? The Umbrella Project fam behind Discount Suit Company and The Sun Tavern are inviting ya to send "Be My Facetime Valentine" anonymous date request to that someone you've been admiring from afar (we're talking even more than 2 metres), and let the cocktails do the talking. Your crush's ‘Be My Valentine’ home cocktail kit will include a bottled cocktail, fizz to top it up and a Valentine’s card stating a time and number to call you on 14th Feb.  The team are also throwing in a ‘last Rolo’ to show the lucky recipient just how much they mean to them.

The Be My Facetime Valentine is priced at £25, and available for national and international delivery.

The Gibson Bar

If you get your kicks early in the morning...

With Valentine's Day falling on a Sunday this year, that means you can spend as much time in bed as you want... and we bet you won't wanna waste that time sleeping, amirite?! No, you'll wanna start your day with some Love For Breakfast from the saucy lot at The Gibson Bar. Their Valentine Edition cocktail is an aphrodisiac mix of Malfy Rosa Pink Grapefruit Gin, Gibson Amarotto, Sipello Gooseberry Aperitivo, Real Rose Buds & Champagne Jelly, Fresh Lemon, Pink Pepper and Geranium Tincture. Each cocktail is hand sealed with natural beeswax and is accompanied by a Turkish delight garnishes. That's the sustenance you need for a round of extra curricular morning activities... ding ding ding!

Available now through #thegibsonboutique, Deliveroo and Shokunin House Spirit House


If you're looking for a hot threesome...

With a seemingly never-ending national lockdown in place across the country, your chances of being gifted a ménage à trois from your other half this Valentine's Day are probably even slimmer than usual. But we know of a little three-way that'll still get ya hot under the collar... and it doesn't break any social distancing rules at all. Award-winning Bethnal Green bar, Coupette have one helluva package for ya... and it's the kinda handful we love. Three epic cocktails make up their awesome Valentine's Day Cocktail Package - plenty to share or keep to yourself. Nothing wrong with a bit of self-love, gang. The trio includes the Maker's Mark bases Apricot & Tea, the Rhubarb & White Chocolate make with Roku Gin & Lilet blanc, and the perfectly pink Strawberry & Rose pimped with Courvoisier VS and sour rose wine. Sounds like a wild night in to us.

The Valentines Day Cocktail Package contains 3 x 125ml cocktails ready to be enjoyed for £27.00. Order here.

Silver Lining

If you wanna pull out all the stops...

Don't have time for the admin of Valentine's Day? Firstly, we're in a Pandemic, we all have time. But if you CBA (more understandable), hit up the guys from Silver Lining and they'll hook you up with their bad-ass Date Night Boxes  with help from specially selected independent, local Hackney businesses. There are three boxes to choose from, and they have all the essentials covered, including 2 of their Every Cloud craft cocktails, some hand made chocolates, a choice of sparkling rosé or orange wine (go for the latter - these guys are pros when it comes to the ginger-hued vinos) and of course, some candles to really get the mood set. Everyone looks sexy af in candlelight, mon amis. 

Get your Valentine's Day delivered by Silver Lining here, prices start at £60