What, Where and How to drink rum


Rum's the naughty one and that’s exactly why we like it. Johnny Depp drinks it, so do Pirates, Sailors of the Royal Navy were rationed on it and today, if you ain't drinking it at Notting Hill carnival then you've got the wrong party. We mix it to make Mojitos, get all revolutionary with a Cuba Libre, sunbathe with a Piña Colada and welcome winter with a cup of hot buttered rum!

Here’s a rundown of the different categories of rums and how to drink em’…

You’ve got your dark rums that BarChick drinks in her (rum) Old Fashioneds or sips neat. We've also been known to cook with it. It’s an awesome chicken marinade and nothing beats a hot rum sauce on ice cream. Check out Havana Club’s Añejo 7 Años or its Selecciόn de Maestros.

Light rums make a mean Daiquiri or Mojito, depending on your crowd/party, but for us, best of all is a well-made Piña Colada. It's like a pool party in a glass, think WHAM and

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Gold rums are essentially light rums that have been aged in wooden barrels and have taken their golden colour from them. Use it in cocktails like the Cuba Libre or they are perfect punch material; just throw it all in and let your mates tuck in!

Black rum is what the pirates were on. It’s got that syrupy flavour to it and is best drunk straight up with an eye patch on.

Spiced rum is another favourite. Think of it as a gold rum with added spices and it’s a little sweeter than all the above. Hell, you can even make your own! Grab a bunch of spices and vanilla, etc., cook it up and add it to a bottle of aged rum and let it sit for a day or two. Drink easy.

Then there’s overproof which has mega high ABV (usually double the normal 40%) and premium if you wanna talk fancy and spend lots of dollar.

... And here's where to drink them:

Hawksmoor Spitalfields

If you still haven’t made it here yet then it’s about time you did. These guys serve up some of the best drinks in town in one helluva beautiful bar. As we're talking rum we say go for a La Giraldilla, it's made with Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros, a dark triple-barrelled rum that's a blend of rums, specially chosen by the Maestro Roneros (that’s Master Blenders to you and I) themselves. The rest of the ingredients are Chamberyzette a strawberry aperitif and fresh baby tomatoes. Nutritious and delicious…

Edition Hotel

Bring your good looking pal and make a night of it. The lobby bar is easy to hang at, The Punch Room is, as you might imagine, where to come if you want a punch. Then there’s Berners Tavern, get your Instagram out the way and order a Cereal Killer! It comes with Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, white chocolate, Coco Pops milk, chocolate milk and a cute candy stripe straw. Treat it like breakfast and enjoy.

The Rum Kitchen

With over 100 rums in the cellar you could come and knuckle down for the week and not even get through the lot. It may be members only from 10:30pm onwards but that doesn't mean that you can’t come down, start early and stay late. Tuck into their curry mutton and chicken wings, kick back to tunes from DJ Fast of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals and enjoy the drinks – they can fix you up with everything from punch to straight up!

Satan’s Whiskers

East was good. Then it got Satan’s Whiskers and we’ve never left. The concept is hip hop and cocktails... genius! Spot the naughty taxidermy, take a seat in a cushty leather booth and order. Their cocktails are banging whatever you're after but try the Jose Marti Especial, it's off menu (but ask nicely) and invented by the 2014 winner of the coolest bartender competition around – the Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix - Satan’s very own bartender, Andy Loudon. It’s fresh, citrus and well on its way to being a classic made with cloves, Ricard, lime juice, Tio Pepe, sugar syrup and Havana Club 3 Year Old.


This place may be members only but sweet talking your way in is worth it. Just off Shaftesbury Avenue, it’s a whole lot of fun over four floors with three bars and a restaurant. They have an enclosed area for all you smokers out there, naughty but legal! Check out their rum selection and hit the epic roof terrace for some rays.