Where to celebrate a win in Rio

The Beach

Where better than Ipanema to soak up the sun and share a bucket of beers with your mates? Lined with cabanas that offer deck chairs, beds and Brazilian waiters, the only time you'll need to move from your post will be to dip in the sea.


The hottest party area of Rio is made up of an astounding choice of bars, clubs and restaurants. Take it to Rio Scenarium for dancing, Bar da Cachaça for cachaça, Bar do Boa for beer drinking and Circo Voador for bands and live music.

Casa Alto Vidigal

Located on top of the favela Vidigal, this hostel come nightclub is part of the favela pacification program and therefore safer than some. It boasts great music, decent crowds and epic views of Ipanema and Copacabana.

Baixo Gavea

Students and football fans flood the area of Baixo Gavea. They spill from the bars and restaurants that line the streets drinking beer and chanting. It's one hell of an atmosphere.

The Maze

An open air, live jazz club in the hills of Catete boasting impressive views of Rio. Call it off if it's raining though as it won't be open.

Pedro de Sal

On a Monday night head into the centre of Rio and live it up under the stars on the streets of Pedro de Sal, the birthplace of samba. Not to be missed.

A Bloco

Otherwise known as a street party. Held in various locations around the city many of these parties are last minute and invites spread by word of mouth, so keep an ear to the grind stone.

Copacabana Beach

Huge screens and dedicated party areas mean fans can watch the games, hang out and enjoy a Bud. Be careful of your possessions once the sun goes down.