Whisky Smashes with Old Forester

It’s not every day you board a plane with a bunch of bourbon enthusiasts and fly over to Kentucky to learn the history, values and heritage of Old Forester, but lucky for BarChick that day came around.

Not only did we get to go to the motherland of all things bourbon and the Brown Forman Cooperage to check out the dedicated workers building the barrels, we also went to the Old Forester Distillery to see where the magic happens. We were also lucky enough to go to a load of awesome bars and restaurants to enjoy various different serves to make sure we really got to know this awesome spirit. All in the name of research right?


The story behind this bourbon is pretty damn impressive and therefore gets a lot of respect from people, and rightly so.

Old Forester was the first ever product of Brown Forman in 1870 which is already a pretty good fact, plus it’s not only the first ever bottled bourbon (to ensure quality and consistency as barrels back then were frequently tampered with) but it is also the only bourbon which can say it has been in continuous production before, during and after Prohibition... nice run boys! Founded by George Garvin Brown, Old Forester is the first premium bourbon by all accounts. It has been consistent for 140 years, and is a brand that doesn’t needs gimmicks… it just sticks to traditional techniques and remains the top dog! Awesome.


Old Forester's classic bourbon taste makes it the ideal choice for timeless cocktails. Any drink made with the spirit is always going to have that great quality that people know and love. One of BarChick’s favourite ways of enjoying it is in a Whisky Smash:

50ml Old Forester Bourbon

20ml fresh lemon juice

15ml simple syrup (or 2 spoons of castor sugar)

8 mint leaves.

Want to know where you can enjoy one of these bad boys? Check out these bars:


We all know that the food in American is large and meaty, the perfect type of meal to team up with some bourbon. Bodean’s brings the American BBQ to the UK and boy do they do it well. Team your Whisky Smash with some beef brisket burnt ends and you’re good to go. Plus these bars are all over London, so you’ve got no excuse to miss out.


Off Broadway

This joint was created by guys from the US who were a little homesick. Off Broadway’s aim was to recreate the warm welcome and high service-ethic that they were used to back in America and that suits us just fine. We all know that service with a smile goes a long way, and if that smile comes holding a Whisky Smash it goes a WHOLE lot further!

The Blues Kitchen (Camden and Shoreditch)

Stepping into The Blues Kitchen is like you’ve been transported to a local bar in Kentucky, the perfect setting to enjoy a Whisky Smash. Plus, both Camden and Shoreditch have live music every evening, and we all know blues is the perfect soundtrack for some bourbon.


Cane and Grain

Rum, ribs, bourbon and beer, baby, that’s what you get when you head to this three storey party joint in Manchester. Downstairs is the skater hang out, above is the high end speakeasy cocktail bar, followed by a tiki party bar at the very top. It’s all happening whichever floor you choose!


Curry may not be the usual choice of cuisine to have a bourbon with, but trust us, Dishoom ain’t your usual curry house. You don’t ONLY have to enjoy Old Forester in US themed joints, this timeless spirit goes with any style of food, its quality will always compliment whatever it is paired with.