Who Wants FREE Kettle Chips?

Yes, seriously… sh*t just got serious. BarChick have just been given a black Kettle Chips VIP card meaning we can order Kettle Chips anytime, delivered straight to our door and for free….

We’re talking what flavour we want, when we want. Smokey BBQ? Sea Salt and Black Pepper? Sure... have ‘em. We’re digging the sweet chilli,

target="_blank">what about you?!

Want in on our Kettle Chip VIP Card action? Well, us BarChicks share our toys and our crisps… so if you want some of these deliciously simple crisps then let us know cos we’re giving some of ours away… We’re also keeping things simple, so if you want to win some just  tell us Why do YOU deserve to have free Kettle Chips!

Send entries to pickme@barchick.com … GOOD LUCK x

P.S. Watch this space cos maybe they’ll be a card to give away!...

Delivery is restricted to UK addresses only with a maximum request of 6 large packets per month.