Wilfred Bagshawe's Time Emporium

The team behind wicked boutique festival Winterwell have got a surprise in store for y’all, which is great because we sure as hell don’t want to wait till summer to sample their delights.

Starting in March, on the 23rd to be precise, they will be launching an innovative series of events. Out with the boring spectator role of the audience and in with a whole host of immersive experiences to delight and entertain the revellers. Welcome to a theatrical, gaming adventure where you will be transported to fantastic worlds and past key events in human history. When you enter through the old Victorian shabby shop front, world’s which have previously only been accessible through history books and novels will now be at your fingertips…

The day is the 16th February 1358, all you time travellers will encounter a rampant Black Death and a host of other threats from the dark ages, so keep your wits about you. If you are lucky enough to survive, then damn you’re lucky because you will be welcomed to the best party in this day in age… DJs include Stereo MC on Friday night and Norman Jay on Saturday. See you there.

Oh and it seems time travel really is popular, they have added a matinee slot so get booking for that too.

Wilfred Bagshawe’s Time Emporium

23rd March 2013 // 8pm-4am // Main show ticket prices: £25 (doors open at 8pm and you need to arrive no later the 9pm) this also includes the after party // After party tickets: £20 (starts at 11pm ends at 4am)

Village Underground - 54 Holywell Lane London EC2A 3PQ

Tickets available at time-emporium.com