Wilfred Bagshaw’s Time Emporium

Following the success of the last date, which took revellers back to February 1358, and immersed them in the terrifying time of the rampant Black Death, Wilfred Bagshawe is back with a vengeance. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this infamous time traveller, it’s time to become acquainted, because his innovative events are not to be missed.

Come and be mesmerised and intrigued. The usual boring spectator role of the audience has had a switch up, people now have to man up and take part. Get ready to be transported through crazy worlds, to past key events in human history and lifetimes you’ve only previously been able to read about in books.

You’ll be told which secret location in East London you need to head to once you’ve bought your ticket, and then you’ll travel, far, far away. Suddenly you’ll be at The Chicago World Fair, at the turn of the nineteenth century, praising Christopher Columbus’ arrival in The New World 400 years earlier and welcoming the world into an age of technological wonder (don’t talk Apple and Blackberry here, you’ll be handed fruit and branded mad).

This was a pivotal moment in the world’s history, but malicious forces are at work, so you gotta act the superhero and save the world in the midst of technological advancement. Mr Bagshaw will lead the way, but upon arrival, it’s up to you… be bold, may the forces be with you. Go get ‘em.

A secret location in London // 5th-15th September 2013 // Get tickets  // Twitter // Facebook