Winter Wonderland 2014

Winter Wonderland is back baby, the Ice Rinks are in action, Oxford Circus have the lights up, Primark are selling Chrismas jumpers, the red cups are coming. This only means one thing: it’s officially CHRISTMAS!

This year (as always) they've made sure they come back bigger and better. Throw on your best reindeer/snowman/Santa jumper, head in under those legendary arches and welcome to Christmas.

First port of call: The Bavarian Village, to sort out all your mulled wine and bratwurst needs. If Santa did Oktoberfest, this would be it. With three bars, live music, huge beers and a buzzing atmosphere, this wooden hut is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Get tanked up, you’re going to need to if you want to brave the big drop/corkscrew ride, just don’t overdo it (sick is not sexy).

Want something a little cooler? They've really upped the ante this year and have introduced an BAR ICE. With glasses, tables, bars and walls all made out of the stuff.  Get into your special winter cloack and gloves and go get some. Make sure you book ahead, tickets are 15 quid.

Ice skate, if it’s good enough for Cara-D it’s good enough for you, explore the ice village if you’re looking for something a little trippy, ride rides, visit the circus, lick the ice statues, drink on the revolving carousel bar, warm up by the fire pits and do your Christmas shopping (because everyone loves wooden presents).​

Hyde Park, London, W2 2UH // Open Friday 21st November to 4th Jan 2014 10am-10pm (CLOSED Christmas Day). FREE ENTRY

Winter wonderland 2