Your Drinks Horoscope For Cancer Season

For the best bars & bevs this summer, look to the stars

Cancer season has officially arrived - and our resident astrologer Bex (@cosmic_cures) is serving up booze-inspired horoscopes to help ya make the most of it with a cocktail in hand.

Cancer season: what ya need to know

From 21 June-22 July, the Sun sits in the watery realms of the constellation of Cancer, the sign of the sensitive crab. This can mean you get hit with a case of the feels: an increase in sensitivity, nostalgia and attachment to our roots is common, but it’s not all emotional rollercoasters and crying when you miss a bus. We also crave companionship and affection - it's a time to reconnect with loved ones.

On 23 June, Venus, the planet of lurve, pleasure and money (all the good stuff, really) enters Gemini. When Venus is hanging out in the sign of the chatty twins, it delivers a desire for fun. We don’t wanna be tied down, seduction becomes an extreme sport and variety is the spice of life. Flirt like it’s going out of fashion and dust off those social butterfly wings.

Then on 5 July, Mercury the messenger planet also moves into Cancer, and we get an urge to communicate our intimate feelings and enjoy quality time with kickass friends.

Watch out for 13 July, when we have a Full Moon in Capricorn, the sign of the ambitious sea goat. Full Moons bring us a sense of release, and we can notice things naturally ending to make way for better opportunities. Look for culminations in your career or chances to finish one project in order to take the lead in a new role. 

FYI: We ALL have Cancer somewhere in our birth chart ruling one of our houses (the areas of our lives encompassing relationships, travel opportunities, career, fun and more), so check your Star and Rising signs below to see what's in store.


With the Sun in Cancer lighting up your fourth house of family and security, you'll want your nearest and dearest around you. Chilling with your siblings and homies is how you’re keen to kick back over the next couple of weeks.

Venus is also homing in on the area of your chart related to your neighbours and local community, so why not play host with the most? Rick Stein has just released a BBQ box perfect for long lazy days in the sun, accompanied by everything you need for Tarquin’s G&Ts! Taking the effort out of entertaining is just your vibe, and these cocktail recipes will elevate that holiday feeling.

When you do head out, hot-foot it to the brand-new Firebird restaurant. As a pioneering fire sign, you love to be in the know, and this exciting new Soho sweetheart is serving a menu of grill-based dishes alongside draft cocktails and a dynamic wine selection. It’s set to be the place to dine this summer, so show off your cool credentials and get booking. 


Ready to splash the cash and flash the plastic, Taurus? Don’t be surprised if your wallet burns a hole in your pocket this Cancer season, as your ruling planet Venus enters your second house of finances. What’s more, Venus will be shimmying through Gemini. When the planet of money and pleasure lights up the sign of the sociable twins, you’re likely to throw the budget in the bin and declare the rounds are on you.

To do luxury for less, head to Gunpowder’s Oysters & Champagne Fête, where from 20-30 June guests can enjoy six oysters and two glasses of Charles de Vercy Reserve Brut for the pleasing price of £40 at the restaurant's Tower Bridge site. Or check out the latest happy hour from Ping Pong, where a midweek trip between 3-6pm will get you 50% off cocktails and dim sum. See, you CAN treat your mates without breaking the bank! 


When the Sun and Mercury move into Cancer it means your second house of value, luxury and spending is lit up like a jukebox. Time to indulge? Totally.

Head to newly opened Pascor in Kensington. It literally means ‘indulge’ in Latin, so you’re in good hands. Pascor is a Levantine ‘fire kitchen’ - ideal to add some sparks to an otherwise watery season - with playful cocktails, adventurous wines by the glass and Levantine small plates.

When Venus moves into Gemini, it floods you with that loving vibe - it is your zodiac sign, after all! This signals a time of feeling like a social butterfly on steroids, so why not be one of the first to head to Soho’s hottest new house party? The Little Scarlet Door arrives with a bang this month and is offering pre-booked partygoers 50% off all food and drink from Monday 20-Sunday 26 June.


Happy birthday season, Cancer! The Sun has just entered your first House and Mercury won’t be far behind, so it’s a super time to express yourself, shine like a star and gather your besties around you.

Why not hit up one of these epic party bars? Or make like a rock n’ roller and swing by Bar 190 in Kensington to try the Jumping Jack cocktail, designed to celebrate the Rolling Stones’ 60th anniversary. Bar 190 hosted the iconic Beggar’s Banquet album launch party in 1968, so you’re in good company.

When Mars moves into Taurus it activates the part of your chart associated with innovation, so grab a cutting-edge cocktail at St James Bar. They’ve launched the Imagination menu, exploring the concept of imagination through drinks via unique flavours, molecular techniques and sustainable processes - a trippy way to grab a tipple. 


Cancer season brings you an excuse to head to the stage, since the Sun and Mercury will be hanging out in your twelfth house of creativity and art. Get yourself along to the Underbelly Festival in Earl's Court. As well as watching incredible shows from circus to theatre productions, there’s also world-class street food AND epic drinks such as G&Ts from Tarquin’s Gin Bar. All beneath an upside-down cow! Udderly unmissable.

When Venus moves into Gemini, it sparks your humanitarian side and brings you a desire to promote equality, freedom and love for all. What could be better than clinking glasses with pals and knocking back Aqua Kyoto’s Pride cocktail, available until 3 July. The Aqua Pride mixes Chase Vodka, pomegranate and elderflower cordial, lemon juice and egg white, and 50% of the net profits will be donated to Pride in London - that's one altruistic aperitif. 


When the Sun and Mercury are in Cancer, they’re highlighting the area of your birth chart related to world welfare and social consciousness. As an Earth sign, you’re already pretty connected to mother nature, so make a beeline for TH@51, the revamped bar at the Taj Hotel. You can sip from a new menu centred on the earth's biomes, with drinks themed around mountains, grasslands and forests… you’ll be in your earthy element for sure.

Virgo is also known for being one of the more health conscious and sporty signs, but that doesn’t mean you don’t like to let loose. Combine both with the limited-edition Wimbledon afternoon tea at ultra-boujie The Landmark London, served from 27 June-10 July. Not only can you scoff little sarnies and scones, but the ensemble is accompanied by a glass of Champagne Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée. Game, set and match. 


With both the Sun and Mercury moving into your tenth house, the focus for you will be work, work, work. Make sure you don’t end up burning the candle at both ends by taking regular breaks for fun! You can reach dizzying new heights out of the office by swinging by Searcys at the Gherkin for their Whispering Angel pop-up. Expect rosé by the magnum, a helluva lot of flowers, a limited-edition afternoon tea, special DJ nights and killer sunset views. As the sign most associated with aesthetic beauty, you love a good Insta snap.

When Venus shimmies into Gemini, it lights up the part of your chart related to travel, adventure and appreciation of other cultures. You might meet a potential love match from another country or receive an exciting invitation to take a trip. One thing’s for sure - embracing far-off lands brings you a special kinda buzz during Cancer season, so don’t miss a beat by heading to Soho’s Filipino eatery Kasa & Kin. They’ve just launched a new tasting menu teamed with creative cocktails inspired by the tropical flora and flavours of the Philippine archipelago. 


Get ready to expand your mind and go back to school in the best possible way, Scorpio! The Full Moon in Capricorn lights up your third house of community, conversation and also… education? Yup, this is a time to nerd out - with the help of a few libations, naturally. Why not head to Notting Hill’s chilled neighbourhood restaurant Los Mochis, where every Monday for £40 guests are led through a mezcal masterclass and cocktail mixology session at the upstairs bar.

The Sun and Mercury are also lighting up your ninth house of travel and adventure, giving you a sense of wanderlust, so don’t be surprised if you’re more tempted than usual to book some last-minute plane tickets. Can’t jump on a plane anytime soon? Head to Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Distillery for a taste of global travel via cocktails. 


Buckle up, Sagittarius! Chances are, Cancer season can feel like a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for you - not only will the Sun and Mercury be wading through the sensitive waters of Cancer, but they’re also nose-diving in your eighth house of inner healing, secrets, mysteries and transformation. ‘Intense’ is the word we’re looking for, so when you’re in need of a laugh, head to Skylight Peckham on 22 June for their comedy night. World-class stand-up, panoramic views, dreamy sunsets and a drink in hand? That’s a recipe to beat the blues if ever there was one.

Or hey, if you’re feeling like delving into your moody dark side, descend into the depths of Eve Bar, the drinking den below chef Adam Handling's restaurant Frog in Covent Garden. Inspired by the five ingredients of a Perfect Manhattan and focusing on five different base spirits - agave, grain, juniper, malt and corn, and sugar cane - this bar deserves a high-five for ingenuity. 


When Cancer season rocks around, you’re likely to feel the lurve, Capricorn! The Sun glows with full force in your seventh house of relationships, so you get a dose of warm and fuzzies. This can be a harmonious period to meet a new squeeze or get even closer with your boo. Brush up the language of love at one of these sizzling bars, ideal for your next hot date.

Alternatively, pretend you’re in one of the most romantic cities in the world and head to Frenchie in Covent Garden for a bit of Parisian charm. Their terrace is going to be on the most stylish spots to grab a drink this summer. Try the Frenchie’s classic, Frenchman in NY – Green Chartreuse, Acqua di Cedro, citrus syrup, pineapple and lime juice. Now that’s a recipe bound to get your pulse racing.

With the Full Moon in Capricorn occurring in your own sign, a boost of power comes your way on 13 July, so make sure you’re all set up for your own mini-Moon dance! Stay up late and stay up high to get the possible sighting - why not catch it from one of London’s newest rooftops? Glasshouse on the Roof at NYX Hotel offers panoramic views, a playlist of laidback electronica, Middle Eastern light bites and some banging cocktails to accompany your city-based stargazing.  


Prepare to be a busy bee over the next few weeks, Aquarius! When the Sun and Mercury shift into Cancer, your sixth house is activated, suggesting plenty of work commitments, more attention on ticking off your to-do lists, and even a focus on your health. Ensure you pencil in some plans to see friends.

With Venus (the planet of art and beauty) in your fifth house of creativity and joy, you’ll be drawn towards fun, artistic and whimsical events, so get yourself to Mama Shelter in Hackney for their summer-long MILF (Mama In London Festival, of course). Highlights include the launch of Mama Shelter’s monthly Ladies Comedy Night - a partnership with Clandestina, a platform for lesbian and non-binary folks to showcase their talent - and a celebration of women in football for the UEFA Women’s Euros. The Air sign of the zodiac is linked to equality, innovation and freedom of speech, after all.

For more cocktails that appeal to your revolutionary nature, The Savoy’s American Bar has a whole menu dedicated to the genius and creativity of past masters. The new Re:Invented list focuses on cutting-edge techniques, the latest sustainable practices and seasonality. It’s like it was made for you.


You’re known for being the dreamy, spiritual romantic of the zodiac, Pisces, and when Venus moves into Gemini then it lights up your fourth house of home, the past and nostalgia. Check out Hush in Mayfair and prop up a table at their new Dolce Vita courtyard in collaboration with Disaronno, where you’ll be whisked away to the golden age of Italian glamour. You’ll discover a vintage Vespa, cascading roses and even black and white polaroid pictures strewn across the terrace, reminiscent of the paparazzi that relentlessly snapped Rome’s film stars in the '50s. This is the kinda timeless charm you live for!

You’re also the water sign renowned for loving all things coastal, so take a summertime daytrip to Brighton and hit up the secret bar at Etch, or try blag your way onto the new Soho House roof terrace. Need more ideas for some seaside shenanigans? This guide to Brighton’s hotspots should help. 

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