Things we love:

Getting high - Bangkok literally takes drinking to another level. You're never far from a rooftop bar. If you like wet t-shirt competitions then visit during the Songkran Festival, it’s basically the world’s biggest street water fight. ‘Sanook’ (fun) is a way of life for Thais - they want you to have a good time, don’t let them down. It holds the record for the most expensive cat wedding in the world: in 1996 two cats were married in a ceremony that cost $16,241.

Things we wish we'd known:

Like the Titanic, Bangkok is sinking, so get out there before it’s too late. Most bars close at 2am, so you need to get friendly with some of the city’s late-night drinking dens like the legendary Wong's Place. Wear your party pants - it is illegal to go out in Bangkok without underwear, whatever length your hemline. It's also illegal to drink in taxis. If you get pulled over, you could face a night in a cell (unless you have enough cash to bribe the traffic officer!)