Blues Kitchen

Dirty South fans rejoice! Stop what you're doing and head straight into Camden's Blues Kitchen. It feels like you've been transported into a Mississippi Delta bar, complete with worn-in booths, faded BB King-esque posters and one of the biggest bourbon selections in these parts. The drinks are solid, with a massive menu and an entire page dedicated to American Whiskey cocktails, and in true American style they even had some amazing alcoholic milkshakes – McDonald's watch n learn.

Get stuck in and order some food, they've got all the southern soul classics: fried chicken, ribs, nachos and gumbo. It's never gonna win a Michelin star, but it's comfort food at its artery-clogging best. The real star here is the music, live every night, they have all sorts of acts - soul, Motown, blues, classic rock... you get it. Sunday is Blues Jam night, where regular folks jam onstage with the Blues Kitchen Band, and it is rammed so make sure you call ahead to bag a table, tuck into the papers, grab an Old Fashioned and let the band entertain you all night long. If that doesn't get you ready for the week ahead, nothing will.