Buenos Aires

Things we love:

Everywhere you go, you'll be catcalled. Great for the ego. The meat. Order a lomo and cut it with a spoon. Hell yeah. The wine. It's perfectly acceptable to drink in the day out of a vaso. In short, porteños know how to live well. Do as they do. Blondes are like the holy oracle. Boom. Choripan: Delicious Argentinian chorizo in a fresh baked baguette, available from every cafe, restaurant or street vendor worth a damn.

Things we wish we'd known:

All that steak makes men lusty, and boy, do we mean it. Erections and buses is all we'll say. Tango isn't easy. If you look a man in the eye you're accepting his invitation to dance. Be warned. Salad is a scarce commodity. Prepare those arteries. Dog shit, it literally paves the streets of Palermo... watch where you step.