Things we love:

One of the lowest crime rates in the world. No tax. World records include the city with the largest number of people named Mohammed. In 1991 there was 1 skyscraper; now there are over 400. The weekend is on Friday/Saturday, so Thursdays are literally the new Friday. The malls, the bling, the skiing, and the water parks.

Things we wish we’d known:

It’s hotter than you think - even bus stops have air-conditioning. The beer you find in supermarkets is non-alcoholic. You need a liquor license to purchase alcohol from one of the few stores. It’s illegal to drink in public or on the streets. Dubai has no street addresses hence no letterboxes. Taxis are cheap, but drivers can get lost or be reckless. Ladies Nights have a completely different rep here. They're packed, popular and rockin'. We know.