Things we love:

It's full of little alleyways, castles and old-school buildings like you’re straight out of Harry Potter (JK wrote The Philosopher's Stone in the Elephant Café here, and the tourist shops won't let ya forget it). It's the world’s number-one festival destination - The Fringe Festival is 25 days long and runs throughout August. Hogmanay, AKA the biggest street party in the world, happens every New Year’s Eve. Men don't wear underwear when wearing a kilt… awesome.

Things we wish we’d known:

Don't wear stilettos - the streets are cobbled, which is annoying for the feet but makes the whole place look buff. At 1pm everyday, a cannon is fired from Edinburgh Castle. Keep an eye out and watch people jump. Edinburgh is one of the most haunted cities in the world. Brewing in the 16th century was usually done by the brewster’s wife - you go girl. One of the most popular cures for baldness in 17th century Edinburgh was the application of burnt ashes of doves’ crap - nice.